Zeke is the brother-in-law of Terry Jeffords. He is shown to be mean and demeaning to Terry and the NYPD.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In 48 Hours, Terry doesn't want to go home because his brother-in-law Zeke is there and is constantly making fun of Terry such as calling him a weakling. Later, Terry is annoyed as Zeke wants to take him to dinner before going to the airport. Later when Zeke comes to collect Terry, Holt makes up a case for him to stop him going and Zeke is impressed and is okay to let him go.

Season TwoEdit

In Lockdown, Holt and Terry have to do some work and they got to Terry's house although Terry is reluctant as his brother Zeke is there and he dislikes him duet to his mocking. Whilst there Terry is there, Zeke believes that Holt is a mean boss to him and the two relate. Terry gets Holt to pretend to be mean so that he can gain Zeke's respect.

Season ThreeEdit

In Yippie Kayak, Zeke is staying with Terry for Christmas and he mocks Terry for not paying his full attention on family and still being focused on his job. Terry has to leave for his job and Zeke mocks him. Terry gets fed up and yells at Zeke for mocking him despite being unemployed and tells Zeke to get a job.


He has a condescending and very demeaning attitude, and even condescends the NYPD by claiming that all they do is sit around and wait for the criminals to turn themselves in.


Terry JeffordsEdit

Zeke Terry

Zeke towers over Terry.

Zeke is very mean and taunts Terry regularly. He views Terry as a weakling due to his towering height, often calling him nicknames such as "Tiny Terry" and "Li'l Dum-Dum." However, in Lockdown he has a new found respect for Terry after viewing Captain Holt as a jerk which he also views his boss as. However, the two later dislike each other again after as Zeke is cruel to Terry about having a job despite being unemployed himself.


  • Zeke is portrayed by Jamal Duff who like Terry Crews was a former NFL player.
  • Despite mentioning he has a boss in Lockdown, it is revealed in Yippie Kayak that he is in fact unemployed.
  • Zeke is 2.03 metres tall, which is 6.66 feet

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