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Now, I'm sorry, but our session is coming to a close. I guess I'll have to bill your widow.

―William Tate

Dr. William Tate is a psychiatrist involved in a case that Charles Boyle is working on.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In The Therapist, Dr. William Tate reports that one of his clients, Susan Buckley, is missing. He believes her husband had a mental break and did something terrible to her. Jake Peralta mistrusts Dr. Tate immediately, believing him to be the true culprit behind the possible murders. Charles rejects this theory.

After Jake breaks into Dr. Tate's office, he is taken hostage by Dr. Tate. The doctor reveals that he killed his patient and her husband, James Buckley; as well as, a past murders of another couple, the Rothams. While listening to Jake talk about his issues with his parents' divorce, Dr. Tate is caught by Charles and learns that Jake was just stalling him so he can send a messaged and wait for Charles to arrive.


  • Although the nameplate on his door says "Dr. William Tate," he is listed in the episode’s credits as "Dr. Frederick Tate."
  • James Buckley is also the name of an English actor best known for his role as Jay in The Inbetweeners.