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Walter Peralta (portrayed by Martin Mull) is a retired United States Navy admiral, he is Roger Peralta's father and Jake & Kate's grandfather, as well as Mac's great-grandfather.


His father abandoned him at a fair when he was a small child. Walter served in the United States Navy during World War II, including seeing combat at the Battle of Pearl Harbor, which is why he doesn't like surprise parties. Walter would go on to rise to the rank of Admiral.

Throughout the series[]

Season Seven[]

In Admiral Peralta, Walter is mentioned during a conversation between Jake Peralta and Roger Peralta. Jake encourages Roger to reconcile with Walter, much to Roger's dismay.

He is first seen when he is invited to Jake and Amy Santiago's apartment as a way to get him and Roger reconcile. Once Roger arrives there is some tension, but eventually they start to bond.

After Jake finishes his phone call with Amy, Walter throws a beer to Roger, but Roger doesn't manage to catch it and knocks over the sex reveal cake. Walter proceeds to blame Roger for not catching the beer.

Walter, along with Roger, helps Jake clean up the cake from the floor but is blindfolded on Jake's request so that they don't find out the sex of Jake and Amy's unborn child. However, they end up making more mess.

After they properly clean up and bake a new cake (with the help of Charles Boyle), Walter meets Amy for the first time. He, along with the others, tries to act normal but fails.

Walter is later seen at Jake and Amy's sex reveal party. After it is revealed that the cake is green (instead of blue), Walter blames Roger since the latter added the food coloring. He then decides to leave the party.

He tells Jake something along the lines of "Roger is a screw-up and he is done with him" as his excuse to not come and see Roger in the hospital after he cuts his thumb off.


  • If he was indeed at Pearl Harbor, he would have to be about 100 by the events of Season 7, assuming he was 21 when the attack happened.
  • He has seen at least 28 years of service in the Navy to become an admiral.
  • He trails off and stares into space when he doesn't want to answer a question.
  • It is unknown why he wasn't at the family reunion that killed most of his siblings.