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Lieutenant Veronica Hopkins is an NYPD Lieutenant. She is the ex-girlfriend of Terry Jeffords.

Throughout the Series[]

In The Audit, Veronica arrives at the 99th Precinct after replacing Teddy Wells as the auditor in charge of evaluating and shutting down one precinct to the low crime rate in the city. Initially, she exudes a lively, friendly demeanor, but when personally greeting Terry Jeffords, her attitude immediately shifts to brief hostility as she declares that she'll close the 99 and he wouldn't be able to stop her.

In Serve & Protect, Still seeing that Veronica is intent on closing down the 99th Precinct. Amy and Gina interrogated Terry about their relationship. Upon learning he slightly mislead her into an proposal by taking her to an nice semi fancy restaurant which gave her false hopes, but they learn it was the gift receipt's date that fuel Veronica's rage towards Terry as he originally intended to break up with her an year half ago before her mother unfortunately passed away. Realizing this oversight Terry apologizes to her, and asks her not to forgive him but not to punish the precinct. She accepts the apology but admits that she already sent a bad report about the precinct.