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Hi There.

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You can call me Dika, or Al, or Henry for that matter. I'm an avid contributor across FANDOM wikis, especially Television and Books wiki. With that being said, please don't be surprised if you see me in some popular television series or even the underrated one. mostly can find me in some popular comedy television series wiki (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, etc.).

Starting from the year of 2019, I'm currently preoccupied with the most adulthood thing called College whilst busy with my part-time job as well as reading books. And yeah, I'm a big nerd-ish when it came to books, especially fantasy and young-adult.

A little list of wikis i've been managing

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • Atypical Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • Big Time Rush Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • The Dark Tower Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • Love, Simon/Simonverse Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • Glee Wiki; Bureaucrat
  • The Umbrella Academy Wiki; Bureaucrat (retired, for now)
  • The Office Wiki; Administrator
  • Kingsman Wiki; Administrator
  • Lucifer Wiki; Administrator
  • Nancy Drew Wiki; Administrator
  • Shameless Wiki; Administrator
  • Bourne/Treadstone Wiki; Administrator

And many more...(well, mostly as a content moderator).

If you have anything, please, feel free to drop some of those concerns on my message wall.


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