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"Undercover" is the season premiere episode of Season Two of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired on September 28, 2014 to 5.46 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

Jake's undercover operation ends in a successful sting, until he learns one mobster has gotten away. Jake enlists Charles' help to track him down, and Holt tests the squad with practice drills.


Jake is seen at a wedding for Mafia associates Angie and Marco, and gives a speech to the happy couple as an ex-cop and newly found member of the mafia. While enjoying the wedding, dancing, drinking and chatting to guests, Jake chats to one group of suspected Mafia bosses and tells them it’s a great wedding although “the meatballs were a little dry.” This being Jake’s signal, Captain Holt orders his officers to flood the wedding and make arrests. Terry goes for Jake and slings him over his head carrying him out. While the other officers are arresting mafia members. Jake is carried into a surveillance van by Terry and he embraces Captain Holt, hugging him and claiming to have missed him. (Credits roll)

Charles rushes into the bullpen ahead of Jake to brief everyone to prank him and pretend he’s not there when he enters. The second Jake walks through and starts talking Charles celebrates loudly and over the top, Gina praises him on his prank. Jake wants the gossip on what happened, Rosa fills him in on the three things that happened; Terry chipped his tooth and spoke with a lisp for a week, Charles and Amy wore the same outfit to work one day and Holt banned headphones due to the Gina incident. Holt welcomes Jake back and gives him 2 minutes from when he entered to tell everyone about his time, now only 12 seconds remaining. His highlights were; fixed a boxing match, smoked a whole cigar without vomiting, was once in a room with 10 guys called Sal and missed everyone so very much. Everyone goes back to work and Charles hugs Terry and they head to the records room for a private chat.

Jake asks Amy about a perp she arrested with a funny name, they add it to the perp hall of fame. He adds that he knows he made it awkward telling her how he felt. She quickly informs him that she’s still with Teddy. This forces Jake to retract what he said and blames it on the fact he was going undercover and nerves.

Rosa’s at her desk when Sarge with a sign saying ‘confused old woman’ walks over as a drill. Rosa is annoyed they are doing it again since they seem to be doing drills daily, flashes back to Sarge as an angry prostitute and a ticking unattended backpack. Rosa questions why they are doing drills and Terry continues under Holt’s orders. Amy directs the old woman over to Rosa‘s desk to help. Rosa starts taking her information down.

Gina rushes into the copy room where Charles is working, she wants to make sure that he’s not going to tell Jake about ‘the incident’ between them.

Jake enters Holt’s office where special agent Marx is sitting to help with his transition back to the NYPD. Marx tells them that it was one of the biggest busts of all time, but one got away, Freddy Maliardi. Since according to Jake that Freddy is the worst, he wants to go back undercover to find him. Holt thinks it‘s a bad idea since they’ll be looking for a mole and as an ex-cop he’d be first on the list.

Jake suits up and briefs Charles on the mafia connections he made. Charles is distracted with the idea that Jake had a mafia best friend when he was undercover that replaced him. Jake tells him he worked with a guy named Derek. They plan their operation of which Jake will talk to his connection then Charles will punch him in the face.

Amy catches Holt and informs him they have completed the drill, he praises them. As they are about to get on with their work Terry approaches with a sign reading “7 year old boy”. Amy and Rosa tell Holt how they believe the drills to be a waste of their time, they question why they are doing drills but Holt only tells them to continue.

Jake walks into the restaurant to talk to Benny looking for Freddy, he continues to play to his undercover character. He gets the address of Freddy’s girlfriend. As he’s leaving Charles stops him and picks a fight punching him and kneeing him in the balls.

Hitchcock and Scully sit in the break room tucking into subs. When Gina comes in they are both stunned when she sits with them. She expresses that when a secret is soon to be revealed that will lower her status down to the level of them so she needs to get used to being one of them.

Jake’s driving, nursing his wound and shouting and Charles for punching, kicking, spitting on him. They pull over at Bianca’s apartment, Jake instructs Charles to wait in the car and if he needs back up he’ll hit the button on his car keys.

Amy and Rosa are keeping 7 year old Terry entertained with toys, he starts to get bored so Amy tries to focus his attention on the Lego house they built but Terry picks it up and smashes it, much to Amy’s horror.

Jake knocks on Bianca’s door, he manages to get into her apartment and tries to get information about Freddy’s whereabouts. Instead she points a gun at him, he takes things out of his pocket and starts clicking his car key. Boyle tries to respond but is too slow to react and keeps getting locked in. He finally gets out and realises he left his gun but the car keeps locking and unlocking, he eventually kicks the door down and gets Bianca to drop the gun.

Holt is sitting in his office with a faint thudding sound, he goes out to the roof to find Amy and Rosa entertaining 7 year old Terry with a bouncy castle. He orders them to get out and pulls the plug on the pump, slowly letting the castle deflate around them.

In Bianca’s apartment Jake and Charles are still trying to gather information on Freddy. Bianca insists Freddy loves her so she won’t sell him out but Jake ensures everyone is sleeping with everyone and doesn’t love her. He created a song to help him remember; ”Mario is doing it with Teresa, Teresa is doing it with Paulie, Pauline is doing it with Lisa, and Lisa’s doing it with Anthony. Freddy is cheating with Bianca G, but also with her younger sister Valerie. She then concludes to tell them that Freddy is going to Teterboro airport to go to Barbados.

Amy is in the kitchen when Gina appears wearing a jumper with a picture of a naked mole rat on it, she again tells her that she is no longer wolf-worthy as her status is being dropped due to a blunder.

Holt has Terry in his office, Terry refuses to apologise since these drills were stressing everyone out he was trying to lighten the mood. He again questions why they are running the drills, Holt explains that they will be assessed due to a new commissioner and they need to be prepared.

Jake and Charles skid into the airport right as a plane is taking off, a member of staff approaches and questions them. Jake tells them they are NYPD and need the plane to return and show him a photo of Freddy, he tells them that he wasn’t on the plane but a plane an hour earlier.

Jakes is clearing out his desk, since he left food everywhere and his drawer is now full of maggots. He confesses he has failed since someone got away, Charles tries to cheer him up as he put away 14 people. He also tells him he needs to get him to the bar for his surprise party.

Jake enters his surprise party at Shaws and overacts surprised. Jake convinces Holt to give him a speech, it’s short and sweet and gets everyone 2 drinks. Jake gets a drink for Amy, since Holt said 2 drinks with no price limit he got champagne mixed with 30 year old scotch and top shelf tequila. The drink is disgusting and neither of them can drink it. Jake confesses he did mean what he said to her before he went undercover.

Charles finds Gina and reveals she hasn’t told Jake about what happened because he’s scared of her and what she’ll do if he did. They celebrate and the next morning they wake up next to each other... again.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Jenny Slate ... Bianca
Derick Alexander ... Airport Official
Ray Campbell ... Special Agent Marx
Tom Damato ... Mafia Thug #1
Nick DeMauro ... Tony
Sari Lennick ... Bev
Paul Mabon ... Officer Lou
Joe Sabatino ... Benny
Dominic Paolo Testa ... Mafia Thug #2

Cultural References[]

  • Pac-Man is mentioned.
  • The song Gina listens to on her headphones while oblivious to the officers holding back a perp is 'Ice Cream (Milkshake)' by World Music Ensemble which can be found on the album Asian Pop.
  • The song Jake uses to keep track of who is sleeping with whom in the Mafia is a take-off on "Dem Bones".


  • Ice Cream (Milkshake) by World Music Ensemble
  • Good Times by Chic
  • Piano Man by Billy Joel