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Trudy Judy is Doug Judy's younger sister. She is revealed to be a con-artist and recently became a car thief upon discovering her older brother's old notebooks and adopting some of his signature moves as her own, earning recognition as the copycat Pontiac Bandit.

She started to have a liking for the profession, after dropping out of nursing school and moving on from being an Internet scam artist as well as doing some cat-fishing.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In A Tale of Two Bandits, Trudy Judy attended her brother's funeral where she meets Jake Peralta and Terry Jeffords. She had approached Jake, identifying him as "Mangy Carl", her older brother's assistant in his (fictional) architecture firm.

In the middle of the episode, she is caught red-handed stealing a few cars and taken into Brooklyn's 99th Precinct. It turns out that she is the copycat Pontiac Bandit behind a string of a number of cars are being jacked, mentioned in the beginning of the episode. Doug Judy enlists her help in catching an arms dealer by the name of Stefano Lucas, in return for a reduced sentencing by the D.A.

She was cooperating in the beginning but then betrayed her brother, Jake, and Terry in the end. She made her getaway with her employee Dallas. Via phone call, admitted to Doug Judy that she boosting cars too much and did not want to spend any time in jail.

Season Seven[]

Sometime after A Tale of Two Bandits, Trudy was caught and sent to prison. She appears in Miami in The Takeback, having gotten out of prison on good behavior. She doesn't know that Jake is using an alias to not alert Doug's criminal friends Nathan, Josh och Chuck and calls Jake a narc, almost exposing him. This leads Doug to compromise with Trudy. However, upon learning that Doug's friends stole $10 million in diamonds, Trudy lets it slip that Jake is actually a cop.

Trudy teams up with Jake, Doug, and Doug's friends to put the diamonds back in their place. After Jake reveals he called a team of SWAT officers to arrest Doug's friends, Doug and Trudy are upset at his betrayal and don't let him on their private jet back to New York. However, it is revealed that Doug Judy actually wanted Jake to arrest his criminal friends, as his fiancé did not want crooks at the wedding and Doug Judy would find it awkward to tell them that they are not invited. Doug then asks Jake to be his best man, which Jake happily accepts.

Season Eight[]

In PB & J, Trudy aids Doug Judy in his attempt to escape from prison, visiting Jake at the precinct and baiting him into being the one to transfer him to prison so they can outwit him. However, despite their plan working, Trudy hired criminals off of Craigslist to replace his old crew since they're no longer willing to work with him. The Craigslist crooks decide to murder Jake and Doug saves him. Trudy drives off in their escape vehicle, evading arrest.


  • She likes to "smush".
  • Did some identity theft, too.
  • Posed as Queen Latifah and Lil Kim on the Internet.
  • She used to be a college student studying nursing but eventually dropped out because it was boring and the fees were too much.
  • She is possibly bisexual because she mentions she wants to see “boobs and butts” in The Takeback