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Trevor Podolski is the spoiled, condescending and callous son of Deputy Commissioner Podolski.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The Tagger, Trevor is arrested by Jake and Holt after being caught vandalizing police cars by painting penises on them. Jake takes him back to the office in order to fill in an official report when he realizes that he's related to Deputy Commissioner Podolski. Eventually, his father finds out that Trevor has been arrested and turns up to The 99th Precinct to take his son home. Jake gets everyone together to vote upon arresting Trevor or simply letting him go, however his father turns up during their meeting, wishing to talk to Jake.

When Trevor tells his father that he did 'nothing', his father believes him, even though Jake states that he caught him in the act. Deputy Commissioner Podolski tells Jake that there was a possibility he made a mistake, that 'boys need to be boys' and that 'nothing happened'.

However, Jake goes to Captain Holt with the case, even after the Deputy Commissioner threw the file in the bin, and tells him that he called six precincts about Trevor, who has been arrested a dozen times for theft, vandalism, and being drunk and disorderly. Each and every time, his dad bails him out so his cases are never processed. Holt eventually convinces Jake to go and arrest Trevor and brings himself as backup.

Despite objections from the Deputy Commissioner, Jake continues to arrest Trevor for vandalism and destruction of property. Holt stands up for Jake, telling the Deputy Commissioner that it's not the first time that he's been threatened by a superior officer since he has been an openly gay officer since 1987 and that he's the captain because he does his job right.

Jake arrests Trevor and puts him in the back of his vandalized police car.