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Several episodes contain a running gag of Michael Hitchcock removing or trying to remove his shirt at inappropriate times.

Season One[]

The Slump[]

  • Hitchcock starts taking off his shirt as soon as he hears that he needs to stand in a line-up. This is the first time Hitchcock displays his propensity for topless-ness.

Old School[]

  • Hitchcock is shown in a flashback from 1986 hanging out in the 99th Precinct with no shirt.


  • Hitchcock removes his shirt while at Amy's apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. He explains that one cannot spill on a shirt one is not wearing.

The Bet[]

  • When the male stripper Peralta hired to perform for Santiago came to the 99th Precinct and began to disrobe, Hitchcock joined in and took his shirt off.

Operation: Broken Feather[]

  • When Scully sets off tear gas in the bullpen, Hitchcock removes his shirt and offers it to Scully to protect his face.

The Party[]

  • When Charles spills sauce on his shirt, Hitchcock immediately offers him his own, which he was about to remove anyway.