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Tiffany and Becky are pseudonyms of Rosa Diaz's ex-girlfriend given because Rosa refused to reveal her name so no one could look her up.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In 99, Rosa Diaz is shown to be on the phone with her girlfriend, where Charles Boyle finds her and hears the woman on the phone calling her "babe." Rosa initially tells him that the woman is her sister but decides to tell him they are actually dating. Charles later questions Rosa on her name which Rosa refuses to say.

In Game Night, Rosa tells the squad that the person she is seeing is named Tiffany and admits it's a pseudonym so her coworkers won't look her up.

In DFW, Rosa finds out that her friends have been calling her girlfriend "Becky" as a placeholder name and informs them that they broke up because Becky ate soup twice which was too much for Rosa.


Rosa Diaz[]

Tiffany/Becky and Rosa dated between 99 and DFW. They broke up because Rosa didn't like how much she ate soup (twice).