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"The Mole" is the 5th episode of Season Two of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired on November 2, 2014 to 3.36 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

There's a mole in the precinct and Holt and Jake need to find out who it is before Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch gets wind of it. Meanwhile, Terry and Rosa visit a "silent" disco to uncover new leads for their new drug task forc


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Kyra Sedgwick ...
Marc Evan Jackson ...
Dan Bakkedahl ...
Spencer Crittenden ... Porto
Jasmin Savoy Brown ... Rebecca Lubbock (listed as "Ava Watson")


Jake arrives, having ridden with Rosa on her motorcycle as his car is in the shop. Although he brags about how he could ride well, Rosa reveals to everyone that he held on tight to her in panic. Jake notices Captain hot stating at his desk, who states that Lt. miller from Internal Affairs is in currently in his office. Apparently someone has been leaking classified intel, and the squad is under investigation. Jake is skeptical, as he feels no one on the squad is capable after knowing them for years and knowing what every one of them will do later (Amy will do her budget, Charles will attend a pizza-for-one cooking class, Gina will train with her new dance troupe “Dancy Reagan”, and Terry will drop his coffee to catch Jake when surprised).

Jake talks to holt in the break room, planning to make jokes but Holt tells him not to joke, as IA have less of a sense of humor than himself. Jake sees that Holt is really scared of the investigation, and promises to be serious. In Holt’s office, Jake meets Miller, who is a serious germaphobe and quickly tires of Jake. He refuses to tell Jake any info on what was leaked, and asks Jake is if he ever took classified information about a case out of the percent. Jake Denis it, but then admits to Amy that he did, having taken several case files home to work on after hours and then forgetting to bring them back. Amy is horrified, and reluctantly helps Jake by going him a ride to his place so he can find and bring back the field before he gets suspended, or suspected of being the mole by Miller.

Before he leaves, Jake is approached by Hot about the interview, but Jake manages to get away by grinning up that Wuntch has arrived. She and Holt trade barbs before Miller approaches and meets Wuntch, but refuses to give her a report on the investigation as IAB exists outside department hierarchy. After Miller is scared off by Scully being covered in food, Wuntch mocks Holt by brining up how with an IAB investigation and the drug task force not finding any drugs, his career might be dead before leaving. Holt asks Diaz if the Giggle Pig task force has had any luck, but although they’ve made some busts, they have not found any high-level dealers or drug stashes. As Holt needs tangible results to the task force will be deemed a failure, Rosa and Terry will be going undercover that night to a “silent disco” where there may be some drug usage going on.

Outside Jake’s apartment, he lands a box of evidence and case files into Amy’s car, along with a box of powdered donuts she promptly dumps out to avoid getting powder in her new car. Jake says they have to make one more stop; to his old place, now Gina’s apartment, where he left some file boxes when he moved out. Gina does not answer her phone, so they decide to go anyway, figuring she is at dance rehearsals (and ruining the car when Jake reveals he saved one donut and Amy knocks it away in panic). At Gina’s apartment, there is no answer at the door, but Jake still has a key and opens it. Inside they are shocked to discover Gina and Charles making out.

In the apartment, Jake wants to know what is going on, but he, Amy, and Gina are all disgusted by Charles declaring he and Gina are causal lovers. After finding out they’ve been together for a month, Jake realizes that Charles has been lying to him for weeks about being busy on nights. Jake is disgusted and grabs a box of case files before leaving.

At the “silent disco”, Terry and rosa are undercover, with Terry as a bartender. Terry is not impressed with the concept, where people wear headphones for the music so that it’s more respectful to the neighbors. A young woman comes up to ask for water, but denies using Giggle Pig or drinking when Terry tries bringing it up. He notices she is wearing a shirt for “the Learning Grove’, a private pre-school his daughters attend, and is impressed when she says she went there and turned out okay. Rosa points out that while he’s happy his daughters will turn out okay, they don’t have any info on the drug for the task force.

Outside the precinct, Jake takes the boxes from Amy’s trunk and asks who else is sleeping with whom.

At the Bar, Holt is drinking when Scully and Hitchcock sit next to him, noticing he is down. Holt gives a long speech about how Wuntch is circling him, the task force threatens his career, IA is investigating him, and he is simply not okay, to their confusion.

At Gina’s, she decides that they need to stop as it is a “crisis” they may be found out, and they agree to talk to Jake and Amy to get them to keep quiet.

Inside the precinct, Jake gets to the evidence room and starts putting files away, before being caught by Miller. Later that night, Jake reached Holt’s house, and is allowed to enter by Kevin. Jake explains to Holt that Miller caught him and he is now the prime mole suspect, and will be suspended in the morning (while being distracted at the “J” in Holt’s monogrammed pajamas). He needs Holt’s help to clear his name and now he suspects there is a mole as he doesn’t know people as well as he thought, and that Holt was right. Holt manages to deduce that Boyle is sleeping with Gina, to Jake’s amazement, and the two begin to work on finding the mole.

At the club, a guy high on Giggle Pig points to the young woman, named Ava, as the one who sold it to him. At the precinct interrogation, Terry asks her what happened as she doesn’t drink or do drugs, but she counters by saying dealing involves a lot of math. Rosa wants o know the name of her supplier, but Terry is more concerned with finding out Ava’s history after pre-school (out of concern his daughters might turn out like her).

In Holt’s study, he and Jake try to figure out who on the squad might be the mole, and almost everyone has a case: Rosa is secretive, Boyle buys expensive foods, Gina would sell them out for petty reasons, and Terry is sending his daughters to private school (with Jake believing that Cagney is the “evil twin”).

At the bar, Gina is depressed and approached by Amy, whom she texted to meet there. Gina says it’s over between her and Charles, and wants a relationship as “perfect” as the one Amy and tTeddy have. Amy admits, however, that she and Teddy have some trouble, due to his oddities like wearing underwear lined with mesh.

At holt’s, he and Jake work until 5:13 in the morning trying to figure out them ole, to no avail. However, hot then brings up Jake as the prime suspect: he was caught sneaking classified material into the precinct; he spent 6 months undercover wit he Mafia and has criminal contacts; he’s been known to flaunt department rules and regulations; and he is deeply in debt. Jake protests, and accuses holt in turn. Hot points out that he’s been on the force for 30 years and never been accused, so Jake brings how he earlier insulted Wuntch, a superior officer, as insubordination hOlt angrily says that his battle with Wuntch exists ‘outside the confines of NYPD rules”, before Jake says that he didn’t know there was a mole in his precinct due to being it. Holt orders Jake to leave.

Later that day in the precinct, Jake approaches Holt in the break room. Holt asks why he’s not been suspended, but Jake explains that he suspects Lt. Miller of being the mole, that Miller is not working on behalf of I.A.B., but rather, as a spy for Wuntch. He notes that Holt said their battle “extends beyond the confines of NYPD rules”, and suspects she wanted info on the task force, but could not get access, and sent in a spy, hence why Miller was in the file room when no one else was to be there. Hot also notes that Wuntch had nodded at Miller when they met, something he prefers due to his phobia of germs and disliking handshakes, but which he’d only have told her if they met before. But without hard proof of them working together, but Jake has a plan. In a parking garage, Jake approaches Miller, asking that if the latter clear his name, he will get info on Holt. He gives Miller a USB drive.

Amy approaches Gina, having already figured out Gina only wanted dirt on her, but tells her she doesn’t need to worry, because she will never tell anyone about Gina and Charles. She also tells Gina it’s not that embarrassing, and she’s gotten over the shock (although she and Gina are horrified by Charles’ hairless legs, which Gina suspects is due to him wearing cheap pants and being ‘chafed smooth”).

At a restaurant, Wuntch and Miller watch a video on a laptop from the USB drive, only for it to show both Jake and Holt. The two surprise the deputy chief and investigator, with Holt noting that sending an IAB person on unofficial business to spy on them is a flagrant ethics violation that could sink her. Jake also reveals he put a recording device in the USB drive, so they have the conversation recorded. Holt tells Wuntch to leave the task force and precinct alone or else the conversation is handed over.

Terry apologizes to Rosa about letting his personal issues interfere the previous night, and to make up for it he called the pre-school, how never had an “Ava Watson” but did have a “Rebecca Lubbock” who matched a picture he sent them. He pulled Lubbock’s phone records and has some leads on a possible Giggle Pig supplier. Rosa tells him he did nice work, and that he doesn’t have to worry, as he is a good father and his twins will grow up fine.

In the bullpen, Gina stands on her desk to announce to everyone that she and Boyle slept together, figuring that everyone will be shocked and get over it, as well as be able to control how the info gets out. She calls it an “outlier” and takes questions, and Charles asks if she had any regrets. She answers no, and that it was “pretty fun”, to Charles’ relief. Jake congratulates Charles on having a causal relationship, with Charles proclaiming he didn’t propose once, while apologizing for not telling him due to Gina wanting it to be a secret. Jake is okay, saying that Charles kept a promise for a friend, and bragging how he knows everyone there. Holt however tells him there is something Peralta didn’t know about him: his middle name is ‘“Jacob.” To Jake’s surprise and glee.


  • Jake suggests Captain Holt's middle name may be James, John, Jo-Jo, Jared, Juice box, Jellyfish and Jamiroquai.
    • Although its revealed that his real middle name is Jacob, Peralta's first name.
  • Even though it is revealed that Ava Watson's name is actually Rebecca Lubbock, Jasmin Savoy Brown is still credited as playing "Ava Watson."


  • Captain Holt says Jake has been in the Mafia for 6 months but in the episode "Adrian Pimento" Jake's voicemail says it was only 63 days.
  • When Jake and Amy are returning back to the precinct with case files, they call Gina from Amy's car. The car's display clock time is "7:42 am", but the scene takes place at night.

Cultural References[]

  • Don Mattingly is mentioned.
  • Olivia Pope, from the TV Show Scandal, is mentioned.
  • Blake Griffin is mentioned.
  • Tywin Lannister, from the TV show Game of Thrones, is mentioned.
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians is mentioned.
  • British band Jamiroquai is mentioned.
  • The name JoJo comes from the series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure