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"The Jimmy Jab Games" is the 3rd episode of Season Two of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It aired October 12, 2014.

Episode Synopsis[]

The precinct holds a compeltition while on stand-by for a motorcade, Holt has another run-in with Deputy Chief Wuntch, Boyle needs to get an incriminating videotape from Hitchcock, and Diaz thinks Peralta still has feelings for Santiago.


Jake enters the kitchen to find Boyle, he dubs that motorcade duty is boring. He says he’d prefer to hear Charles talk about the right way to make paella. As Charles starts he admits he was wrong. Rosa strolls through the kitchen and Jake asks her for her friend Katie’s number. She refuses and says he will never get it. Charles is intrigued that he isn’t pining after Amy anymore. He’s sure he isn’t and says it’s time to spread his legs. (Credits roll)

The Precinct Morning Briefing 9:15am, Holt informs everyone of a motorcade issue the Serbian president has been delayed. Sarge explains that there’s at least a 3 hour wait and that he and Captain Holt have to leave for a meeting. Once they’re dismissed Jake gathers everyone up and psychs them up for the Jimmy Jab games. Jake explains the origin of the Jimmy Jab games, the first was in 2008 when the king of Iraq (President of Iran) Armen Jimmy Jab (Ahmadinejad) came to New York and they were on call for 9 hours. On that day, Jake used the last piece of bagel to create the first Jimmy Jab event the monster mouth bagel toss. (Throwing pieces of bagel into Scullys open mouth while he slept.) He demands that once Terry and Holt leave Jimmy Jab 7 - Circus of Fools will commence. They all chant quietly getting louder and louder.

Sarge and Holt are preparing for their meeting in Holt’s office, Terry spots that Holt is nervous. He reasons that there is a new drug and they need drug kits, how can she say no to $1200. Holt explains that to him, she will say no to anything.

Jake approaches Rosa in the bullpen ready to make a deal on the Jimmy Jab games, they could play for Katie’s number. Amy overhears and comes over, Jake moans that Rosa doesn’t want to mix work and personal and Amy agrees that’s best but agrees Jake and Katie would be great together. They make the deal that if Jake wins he gets Katie’s number but if he doesn’t he gives Rosa $200 and can never ask for a phone number again.

Gina is setting up for the Jimmy Jab games when Boyle comes in to the briefing room, she questions why they are talking in broad daylight. He claims it’s an emergency, he was filming his fitness routine with the precinct camera and left the tape in the camera and someone has it. It follows up by explaining that as he was filming and exercises Gina was there after they slept together and talk about it. She begins to panic and remembers Hitchcock checking out the camera, knowing he will tell everyone if he see’s it.

Terry and Holt are leaving and letting them know they’ll be informed when they need to be ready. As soon as the elevator doors shut the opening ceremony for the Jimmy Jab games commences. Alcohol is poured on a bagel, lit on fire as Scully sings Jimmy Jabs, the bagel is placed in a rubbish bin and the flames get bigger. ”LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

Gina and Jake announce the first game and the prize, the Winchester 3000, the only chair with minimal staining, good lumbar support and no broken wheels. Gina explains the rules, the loser of each round is eliminated and the winner gets a bonus in the final round. The first event is the Mouthathon, they each have month old Chinese food they have to eat as much as they can. Charles is out, he can’t put his mouth through it since she’s the love of his life. Rosa is next to stop. Amy is determined to win this year, Jake takes a picture of her eating the mouldy food and she stops. Scully scoffs his down, stating to everyone “you know this is free, right?”

One Police Plaza 11:30am, Holt and Terry are sat waiting for their meeting when Wuntch approaches them and tells them to remain seated where they are. Holt starts by explaining they are there due to the new drug that has become apparent in the precinct, Giggle Pig. Terry explains they need new field kits to help with the situation. Wuntch is disgusted by the state of the report, a semi colon where there should be a full colon. She denies their request and leaves. Sarge is shocked that Holt was right she would pick a tiny detail to say no to him. Holt explains to Terry that he put the semi colon on purpose so that Wuntch denying them for a stupid reason would give him enough reason to go over her head. He has scheduled a meeting with her boss Chief Fisker.

The Precinct 12:02pm, Charles checks with Hitchcock that he took out the video camera. He said he did as he wants to film the top of his head to check if he’s thinning. Charles asks for his tape that he left in there but Hitchcock realises there must be something on it so blackmails him. He wants Charles to make him cool in the other detective’s eyes.

Gina eliminates Charles from the Jimmy Jabs games, also Scully since he now has food poisoning. The second round is Bulky, Bulky, Run Run, a bomb suit foot race. Jake goads Rosa and teases her how he will be a gentleman on his date with a Katie. They race along the corridor, through the briefing room, through the bullpen, up the stairs, where Hitchcock falls over the banister and is eliminated.

The next round is Keep Your Cover, the three remaining participants each create an undercover character and must talk to ask many police officers as they can before they are recognised. Jake is a biker with a helmet, backpack with water straw and a bright yellow Lycra top. Amy is pregnant under a massive pink sun hat and glasses. Rosa is donning a bright blonde wig with dark sunglasses and a white sundress. Jake is up first, then Amy then Rosa.

In the break room Charles is begging Hitchcock for the tape back, he says he can’t make him cool as he’s not cool. Hitchcock states that Charles is friends with Jake and he’s cool. He wants to be in a conversation where he doesn’t get insulted.

Amy joins Jake on the roof, she tells him she only got through 2 people. Jake tells her he got 6, Amy blames the ”stupid baby”. Jake takes the bump and tries it on. Amy asks Jake’s advice since she always loses the Jimmy Jabs, she gets psyched up but still fails. He tells her that’s why she loses, when she’s working she calm and takes her time but with this she rushes in. She’s surprised by his insightful response. Rosa joins them telling them she got eliminated, she shouted at someone as soon as they called her sweetheart, she didn’t get one person. Amy is psyched to be in the finals, and Jake is happy he has an easy competitor for the final and win Katie’s number. As Amy and Jake are joking around over the fact that Amy knocked up Jake, Rosa pulls Jake to talk to him.

in the corridor Rosa gives Jake a last chance to back out, since it’s clear that he’s not over Amy so doesn’t want Katie’s number. Jake denies it and says he‘s been fighting for this number. Rosa retorts he’s been flirting with Amy all day. She challenges him to beat Amy without flirting with her at all.

Jake’s at his desk when Amy approaches asking which victory dance she should do when she beats him, she does 2 terrible dances. Jake spots Rosa watching and simply replies that both are acceptable. Amy is surprised at his lack of response and puts it down to nerves. When Amy leaves Harlem’s goes over to Jake with Hitchcock following. He asks Jake who this is and he tells him it’s Hitchcock. They both leave and Hitchcock tells him how great that felt. Charles asks for the tape again but Hitchcock says they’re not done, he wants Boyle to tell everyone Hitchcock’s handsome.

One Police Plaza 2:30pm, Holt and Terry are in the meeting with Chief Frisker when Wuntch barges in. Wuntch tells Frisker that she doesn’t think giggle pig is a serious threat. Frisker asks Holt how serious he believes the threat to be, he replies very serious. Frisker questions that they only need $1200 to fight such a serious threat. Holt explains that ideally they would have a task force to fight it and Frisker approves it.

In the corridor Sarge is praising Holt for getting the task force, they are celebrating beating Wuntch when she appears with a smug face. She believes Holt over sold giggle pig and now he’s wasting money on a task force to fight it.

Gina introduces the final round of the Jimmy Jabs, the obstacle course. They have to go over barricade hurdles, Amy is slightly ahead. Then use a bean bag gun to get a snack from the vending machine, which Jake an ages to get first. Then eat the snack entirely, Jake finishes first and runs off and gets into the elevator first, he sees Amy approaching and rapidly hits the close button trying to get the doors to shut before she can make it, she just gets in before the doors start to shut. They head to the first floor to get a bullying pamphlet, they both find one at the same time and run out neck and neck. They return to the fourth floor to use a laptop from 1982 to print out a picture of Gina and whoever collects their print out first wins. Jake presses print first and heads off to pick up the print out when suddenly others start firing for extinguishers at them both as they are now both heading across the bullpen for the print out. Jake tries to cover his eyes but slowly gets engulfed in foam. Amy stands at the laptops watching the scene unfold, she pauses to think. She uses the Winchester 3000 to shield her from the foam and gets across the bullpen with ease and picks up her print out. She performs her victory dances while everyone looks on... and as Captain Holt appears behind her. Once revealed she immediately stops and retreats. Holt asks the foam covered police officers what’s going on, everyone looks around with no one responding. Sarge orders that someone answer now. Santiago? No response. Peralta? No response. Boyle? He exclaims that Hitchcock is very handsome. Diaz steps up and confesses to Holt that he has just witnessed the Jimmy Jab games a way to kill the time “it’s stupid, but we like it.” Holt orders them all to clear it up.

Charles is rummaging through Hitchcock’s locker for the tape, when he comes over with the next phase of making him cool and asks him what he’s doing. Charles breaks and says he can’t make him cool. Charles declares he will find the tape but Hitchcock reveals that he has it on him so Charles runs and jumps at him slamming them both into the lockers and with Charles on Hitchcock’s back he’s on his front under the bench slamming him into the underside.

Jake is clearing up in the bullpen when Holt gives the order for them to move to their motorcade positions. Rosa praises his efforts but gives condolences for the fact he lost. Jake reveals that he let Amy win, when he was in the elevator he was actually pressing the open door button until she got on with him. He tells Rosa she was right and that he’s not over her.

Charles and Jake are in a car when Rosa orders Charles to get out so she can talk to Jake. He asks that if she wants the money can he give her a rubber check. She clarifies she wants cash. Rosa shares with him that she doesn’t like seeing him like this as he doesn’t get hung up on girls. She then hands him Katie’s number so that she might help him get over Amy.

Holt’s sitting looking pensive in his office when Terry checks in with him. He declares it hasn’t been a good day, he was beaten by Wuntch and the squad was a disaster. He needs the task force to win but doesn’t think any of the detectives would handle it after their childish behaviour today. Terry sticks up for Rosa, although Holt found her disrespectful he found her inspiring, she stood up and told the truth. They both agree that Rosa should lead the task force as “there’d be no BS with her.”

Gina finds Charles at the bar, she thanks him for getting the tape back and says she’ll see him later at hers.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Kyra Sedgwick ... Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch
Christopher Michael ... Hank
S.E. Perry ... Chief Fisker


  • The Jimmy Jab Games are named for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran from 2005-2013.
  • Ahmadinejad would have indeed visited New York in 2008, since he attended the UN's gathering of world leaders every year from 2005-2010.
  • As of season 7, there have been 8 Jimmy Jabs
  • Scully sings as the bagel is ceremonially lit on fire to begin the games.
  • As Gina starts each event, she says the surname of an actor whose first name is Mark, and in the final event, does the same for Seth Rogen.
  • Jake says that the first Jimmy Jab Games were held in 2008, and Amy is present at the event. However, in HalloVeen, Charles states that Amy didn’t arrive at the precinct until 2009.