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"The Funeral" is the 2nd episode of Season Three of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It aired on October 4, 2015.

Episode Synopsis[]

The Nine-Nine gets another personnel change that could put Jake and Amy’s budding relationship at risk. Meanwhile, Terry assists Holt with an important public relations matter, and Rosa and Gina try to convince Charles to rethink his affection for a fellow officer.


The vulture and terry briefing

The Vulture and Terry brief the squad on the funeral

Terry Jeffords and the Vulture hand out details about Captain Dozerman's funeral and warns the squad to be on their best behavior, as Dozerman was indirectly killed after being startled by Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. After the Vulture leaves, Jake and Amy tell the squad that they have come up with a plan for Jake to befriend the Vulture so that he will not treat the squad unfairly.

Jake and Amy ask Holt for help

Jake and Amy ask Holt for help

Jake enters the Vulture's office to engage in small talk with him, and claims to enjoy the same things as the Vulture. However, the Vulture is aware of what he is attempting to do and plays a recording of Amy explaining their plan to the squad. Jake accuses the Vulture of spying on the squad but he reveals that the recording was obtained from Scully, who had butt dialed him the day before and has yet to hang up the phone. The Vulture tells Jake to break up with Amy or he will demote Jake to a beat cop for "unrelated reasons". Captain Raymond Holt and Gina Linetti arrive at the precinct as representatives of the PR department but finds to their surprise that their arrival is greeted by no one. Jake tells Amy of the Vulture's ultimatum and she suggests they ask Captain Holt for help. Meanwhile, Gina finds Rosa Diaz and Charles Boyle in the breakroom and asks to be caught up on what the squad is up to. Rosa tells her that the squad is not as dramatic as she thinks, leading Gina to point out that in her absence Jake and Amy have not only started dating but have indirectly killed someone. Boyle tells Rosa and Gina that he plans to sleep with a woman named Lieutenant Singh at the funeral. Boyle explains that Singh is an attractive woman he met two funerals prior, and kissed passionately in the last funeral. Rosa and Gina express their disgust that Boyle plans to sleep with someone he knows nothing about, something that is out of character for him. In the Vulture's office, Holt is briefing the Vulture on the details of the press coverage at the funeral when Terry enters. Terry is overjoyed to see Holt and attempts to hug him, but is stopped by the Vulture and sent away. As Holt tried to offer a suggestion on how to run the precinct better, he is interrupted by the Vulture who tells him that he no longer runs the precinct. Jake and Amy meet with Holt outside the precinct and asks him for help with the Vulture's ultimatum but Holt tells them that there is nothing he can do to help them since he is not the Vulture's superior officer.

At the funeral, Terry tells the squad to appear to be sad before realizing that Captain Holt is missing. Gina tells them that Holt allowed her to choose the car music while travelling to the funeral, an act which she claims is a sign of being suicidal for Holt, prompting Terry to look for him. Jake and Amy see that Davis Garmin, the chief of detectives and the Vulture's superior officer is at the funeral, and plan to show him a recording of the Vulture's illegal threat. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Singh approaches Boyle and gives him a hotel keycard to meet her for sexual intercourse, which disgusts Gina and Rosa. At Shaw's bar, Terry finds Holt drinking at the bar, as the latter tells him that before that morning he still believed that he might one day return to command the precinct, but has now accepted that such a thing is impossible. Terry suggests that Holt take the day off, but Holt has to give a message of Hope at the funeral reception, a speech where Holt has only managed to write one word: "Pain." Holt asks Terry to have a singular drink with him, but it causes Terry to dance drunkenly as his tolerance for alcohol has decreased greatly after becoming a parent. At the funeral, Jake attempts to record the Vulture's ultimatum but is unable to due to a noisy bagpipe player whom Jake ends up in an argument with. As the Vulture walks off, he comments to Amy that she should thank him for ordering Jake to break up with her, which Amy has recorded on her phone.

Jake and Amy see Garmin in the reserved area for close personal friends of Dozerman, leading Jake to claim that the two of them were close personal friends so that they may enter the area. Before they can approach Garmin, they meet Dozerman's wife who asks how Jake knew her husband. Jake continues the lie that he went on fishing trips with Dozerman that he himself had single handedly organized, but is caught off guard when she angrily asks if Jake was "the one who brought all the prostitutes". Meanwhile, Boyle is about to have sex with Lieutenant Singh but decides to learn more about her, but becomes disgusted after learning that she is a vegan. Boyle angrily return to the funeral half dressed to rant to Rosa and Gina, before they point out that his conduct is wildly inappropriate for a funeral. At Shaw's bar, Terry confides in Holt his many woes, including the precinct being different without Holt. At the funeral, Dozerman's wife berates Jake for supposedly planning the fishing trips, as they were in reality orgies, and caused many problems in their marriage. Jake attempts to tell her the truth, leading her to realize that Jake is the person who indirectly killed Dozerman. She begins to become very upset, and Garmin escorts her away before Jake and Amy can play the recording. Their attempt to call for Garmin's attention is overheard by the Vulture who tells them that he will now demote Jake to a beat cop.

At the funeral reception at Shaw's bar, Jake proposes another plan, but Amy shuts him down. He assures her that he can climb the ranks back to being a detective again but she points out that there is a chance he is unable to, and refuses to let him throw away his career for a six day relationship. Holt then begins his message of hope while drunk but only manages to tell everyone that everything is garbage, and warns them not to love anything. Jake then gives a speech about Dozerman, telling Amy through subtext how although their relationship was only six days and has faced many setbacks, he refuses to give up on it. At the precinct, Amy tells Jake that despite the circumstances, she loved his speech. Jake admits that while he doesn't want to break up with Amy, he also does not want to be demoted and is at a loss at what to do. Holt enters and tells them that he has decided to help them after being inspired by Jake's refusal to give up. Holt reveals that he convinced the Vulture to leave them alone and not demote Jake in exchange for putting the Vulture's face on the NYPD website. Holt promises to always help the squad when he can, as Amy excitedly tells Jake that Holt approves of their relationship. At Shaw's bar, Boyle laments being unable to mindlessly have sex with someone, telling Gina and Rosa that the only romantic relationship in his life that did not end badly was his casual sex with Gina. Rosa points out that despite their devastating ends, Boyle was happiest when he is in an emotional relationship. Boyle is then inspired to begin looking for a new serious relationship.


  • Holt tells Terry that "Everyone I work with is a stupid face. Especially Bryce." The previous episode reveals that Holt's new subordinates at the PR department spent months trying to come up with a name for the new NYPD pigeon mascot, with Bryce being one of the subordinates suggesting that their months of work led them to come up with two names: "Petey" or "Paulie".


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Archie Panjabi ... Lieutenant Singh
Jon Daly Brian Applebaum
Beth Hoyt Margaret Dozerman
Dean Winters ... Keith Pembroke
Jeff Marlow Dixon Carfunk
Tim Powell Chief Garmin
Neil Rodriguez Officer Chiccub


  • While wearing his dress uniform, Terry Jeffords is wearing a Detective's badge, rather than the Sergeant's badge as befits his rank. Although, the chevrons on the sleeves of his dress uniform jacket indicate that he is indeed a sergeant.



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