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Second Floor[]

The second floor of the Nine-Nine isn’t directly named in any episode, however when Santiago is appointed Sergeant, her squad is referred to as ‘downstairs people’ by Terry and Rosa. Given that an elevator is required to access the floor, it is assumed that the second floor is used for one of the uniformed officer squads within the Nine-Nine.

Third Floor[]

The third floor of the Nine-Nine is formerly devoted to working with sex crimes, which had the best Christmas party, now it's being used by Cyber Crimes- who hijacked the squad’s internet in the past.

Fourth Floor[]

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The fourth floor of NYPD's 99th Precinct is the main setting for the show. The floor is designated to work with crimes and special victims. The precinct's captain's office is located on the fourth floor along with the holding cell.

Fifth Floor[]

The fifth floor has the evidence room (S2e12) and the supply closet (s5e8). It also has the records room shown in season 1. Behind the record room is Hitchcock and Scully's nap room. There is also an empty office where Rosa goes to watch her favourite soap opera.[1]


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  • The real NYPD doesn't have a 99th precinct.
  • Exterior shots of the Nine-Nine are actually of the 78th precinct in Brooklyn. Exterior shots of the 78th precinct were also used for the short-lived CBS police drama Brooklyn South, co-created by David Milch and Steven Bochco who also created the ABC police drama NYPD Blue.
  • The boundaries of the imaginary 99th precinct's jurisdictions are the same as the real life 78th's.