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"Thanksgiving" is the 10th episode of Season One of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired 26th November 2013 to 3.69 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

The squad spends Thanksgiving Day playing Boyle Bingo, then everyone heads to Santiago's apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner.


It's Thanksgiving at the precinct, and Boyle comes in wishing a "Happy Turkey Day". The group however came prepared and are playing "Boyle Bingo: Thanksgiving edition". It's a game where they mark off a bunch of things that Boyle might do/say on the Thanksgiving holiday, much to his annoyance.

Later in the day, Jake comes back from an arrest with cocaine from a perp. Amy invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the precinct, but Jake doesn't want to go since he doesn't celebrate the holiday. It's non-negotiable, and he has to make a toast on what he's thankful for.

Meanwhile, Boyle's pizza box kept the fridge door opened, ruining Terry's lunch. He needs to eat 10,000 calories a day to keep his muscle mass, and his wife is out of town with the kids. Terry asks Scully where he keeps his food stash, but Scully denies it. Terry then tries to shake Scully to see if any food comes out.

Meanwhile, Amy comes by Holt's office to see if he's coming for the meal. Holt says he is since Kevin is out of town. This excites Amy since she prepared a speech for Holt and to ask him to be her mentor. This upsets Gina since the party is only for Holt (even though Gina is coming to see if Amy's house is the reason she's single).

Jake hands over the paperwork to Holt, and asks if there are anymore cases for today. Holt says all the cases are assigned, and knows he's trying to get out of Amy's dinner. Jake admits he is, since just wants to do his own tradition, sit in his house watching football and eat "MayoNuts spoonsies" (spoonfuls of Mayonnaise with Peanuts sprinkled). Holt promises that if a case opens up it's Jake's, but until then he will be going to Amy's dinner.

The group is later in Amy's apartment with Gina openly mocking her decoration. Rosa doesn't mind though since she doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with her perky sister and family. Terry wants to eat, but they have to wait for Holt. He arrives, and everyone sits down at the table. Before eating, Jake makes a lame Thanksgiving speech, which Amy tries to follow with her speech. Before she can do that though, Holt gets a phone call from the precinct. Somebody stole $10,000 from the evidence lock up, which excites Jake since Holt promised him that he can take the next case. Holt reluctantly agrees to take Jake with him, and they both leave, much to Amy's dismay.

Back at the precinct, Jake and Holt look over the security cam footage from today. Jake notices someone in a hoodie running into the room and taking the money. They look over who was released today, and find two people. Since the person was left handed when he took the money, Jake suggests they use a fake release form to see who it is.

Back at Amy's apartment, Boyle makes his Thanksgiving toast, which is obviously related to his feelings for Rosa (but when questioned, he nervously says that the toast was about Hitchcock. Terry starts to eat out of impatient, but is left disgusted by Amy's mashed potatoes, for which she substituted salt for baking powder. Later on, she finds out after Scully informs her that her toilet is overflowing, that no one liked her food. The group decide to head down to the bar upon Boyle's suggestion. Unfortunately for them, the bartender tells them that he sent the cook(s) home, but after seeing Terry consume an entire plastic bucket of pretzels, decides to call a cook back. Their stay at the bar however, is cut short after Amy tries to act out like Jake and inadvertently destroys glass racks which held numerous kinds of alcohol. As they leave, Terry steals the olives from behind the bar.

Meanwhile, Jake and Holt continue their search for the left-handed perp, during which Jake comes up with fake names for himself and Holt being "Bob Barley" and "Gerald Gimes", respectively. Their search eventually leads them to the apartment of a suspect which they arrested the same day. After a brief squabble amongst the family, during which bread rolls are thrown and one is whipped with a belt, Jake informs Holt that they caught their suspect, who was the brother who had picked up the perp, after noticing how he threw the bread rolls with his left hand. The brother admits that he had bet the stolen money on the football game that Jake had been recording at home.

The two arrive at a mah-jong parlour, where they play a few games with some elderly women. During their games, they notice a man by a secluded entrance. After peering inside, Jake is reluctant to enter due to seeing several TV monitors with the game on. After a brief struggle against the sketchy bookies, they reclaim the money. Holt asks Jake as to why he refused to celebrate Thanksgiving, with Jake stating that his mother worked and his father had left. Holt replies stating that he came from a very formal background, where his parents weren't overly affectionate and claims that Jake can make a new family to spend Thanksgiving with, which Jake quickly shoots down.

Back at the precinct following their exit from the bar, Scully admits to a starving Terry that he does keep a stash of snacks above the tiles in the drop ceiling, but find rats who have invaded and consumed the storage space. Despite Amy willing to admit defeat, Boyle plays his trump card and has various takeaway ordered and sent to the precinct. Diaz tells Holt upon his return after questioning their presence at the 99. While the food is setting up, Holt admits to Amy that he enjoyed her Thanksgiving toast calling it solid, but critiquing her word choice, much to Amy's satisfaction. After setting up, Jake arrives at the dinner, turning over a new leaf and stating that despite his loathing towards Thanksgiving, is thankful for his new family. As the episode pans out, Jake gets the last square on his Boyle Bingo sheet, winning the game as a result.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Kevin Dorff ... Hank (aka Tommy)
Michael Marc Friedman ... Donny
Frank Cappello ... Louie
Catherine Carlen ... Andrea
Barry Cullison ... George
Isabella Day ... Rosa's Niece


  • Scully sings La Donna e Mobile from Rigoletto when he thinks that the squad is having singing time.

Running Gag[]

Shirtless Hitchcock

  • Hitchcock removes his shirt while at Amy's apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner. He explains that one cannot spill on a shirt one is not wearing.


  • Charles addresses the bartender at Shaw's Bar as "Tommy." This is the character's first appearance. In his later appearances, Jake addresses him as Hank.
  • The football game on as Holt and Jake break into the back of the casino is a college football game with South Carolina shown on tv. Thanksgiving is traditionally all NFL games.


  • The episode scored 3.69 million US viewers.


Gina: Wait. Are you only hosting dinner cuz you wanna suck up to Holt? Not cool! This was supposed to be about friendship.
Santiago: You said you were only coming to see if my apartment was the reason I was single or if it was my personality, like you suspected.
Gina: Yeah, but that was before I knew I could get up on this high horse. Love the view up here. Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip clop.

Terry: Terry needs turkey!

Holt: My wife was murdered by a man in a yellow sweater!