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A recurring gag in the show is that Teddy, whenever he runs into Amy, will often propose to her, despite her repeated objections.

Season Four[]

The Audit[]

  • After seeing Jake and Amy argue during jazz brunch, Teddy (not knowing that the fight was fake) sees this as an opportunity to win her back. He proposes to Amy in front of his girlfriend Rachel, and is rejected by both.
  • The next day, he appears at the precinct, announcing that he is recusing himself from auditing the precinct. Amy gives him kudos for being a good guy, which Teddy misreads and proposes to her again in front of the entire precinct, and is again rejected.

Season Five[]

Jake & Amy[]

  • Teddy appears during Jake and Amy's wedding, running the bomb squad. As he prepares to check the venue for a bomb, he attempts to ask Amy to marry him, but is cut off by Amy saying "no" before he can even finish.

Season Seven[]


  • At a baby store, Amy and Rosa run into Teddy again, who says that he has since gotten married and is expecting a child of his own. Rosa competes against Teddy for the Snoog, a high-tech stroller that Amy has her eyes set on. In the end, Teddy wins the competition and the stroller. He agrees to give Amy the stroller, but on the condition that he marries her, which she immediately refuses.

Season Eight[]

The Last Day Pt 2[]

  • After Teddy helps Amy fool Jake into revealing the location of the tube, she thanks him and says she's glad they can be friends. Teddy then takes this as an invitation to propose again, which she refuses.