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Taylor is the manager of Frank's Fun Zone. He shown have too much of laid-back attitude where he is thoroughly impressed with Holt's simple suggestions to improve the workplace like adding sinks to the bathrooms and making people come to work at 9AM.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Coral Palms Pt. 1, Holt (as Greg) approaches him in hopes of being promoted to Assistant Manager. His first scene was him playing in one of the arcade games in front of a boy and informing Holt that he was busy. After Holt tells him that he wants to become assistant manager, he laughs and points out that he didn't expect Greg to be interested in management and that he didn't seem like the type of person who's really interested in leadership roles. He's also extremely sure that Greg is a stoner and points out that he's only hardworking when he isn't "totally blazed". When Holt tries to assure Taylor that it wasn't him, he recalls the time Greg wore a "Count Bluntula" shirt although Holt again tries to convince him otherwise saying that that was the only shirt in the lost and found when a child and his father threw up on him. Taylor then says he'll think about the promotion and as he walks away, he tells Greg that he's full of surprises.

After the scene where Jake says he wonders who's hiring, Taylor is seen again standing in front of the employees of the Fun Zone about to announce the new assistant manager. Expecting it would be him, Holt starts to stand up but Taylor announces that Larry is the new assistant manager. Jake (as Larry) starts a little speech about his management style and starts giving the employees nicknames. He gives Taylor "Kahuna" as his nickname. By the end of Jake's speech, Taylor acknowledges Greg and apparently, he's already revealed that Greg was "the stoner" and says that Greg is "such a Rasta".

Implied that Jake quit the Fun Zone after his fight with Holt, Taylor promotes Greg as assistant manager and praises him for "killing it as assistant manager". He still does reference Greg's apparent drug habit, telling Holt that now that he's part of the management, he should lay off the drugs but just a little since he didn't want to kill Greg's "stony vibe".

In Coral Palms Pt. 3, he's mentioned when Jake explains that he knows the manager of the Fun Zone and he agreed to shut it down for the day.