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Super Dan is a local vigilante that wears a superhero outfit.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Full Boyle, Super Dan comes into the precinct to give a statement but both Rosa and Amy don't take him seriously. He is shown to be annoyed at them and leaves, rather upset. Hitchcock and Scully eventually take his statement. Later, Amy and Rosa are upset that they have been taken off of the drug case and ask Terry why. He reveals that Dan is so upset with them that he won't work with them. He also reveals that Dan had been sitting on rooftops and taking pictures of drug dealers which could help them with their case as they could prove some of their suspects were actually involved. Rosa and Amy realise that they were wrong and go to speak to Dan. Although Dan is at first annoyed with them, he forgives them when they apologise. They show him the case file and he is amazed at how official it is. He reveals that he has seen many of the drug dealers and helps the detectives.


Super Dan is helpful and eager to help as he has been taking photos of drug dealers which could help the detectives. He also is caring as he concerned with the safety of civilians and wants to keep people safe.


  • He claims that his superhero outfit ensure civilians can see him.