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Detective Inspector Soren Knausgaard is a Swedish detective from Interpol who visits the 99th Precinct with Detective Inspector Agneta Carlsson to investigate a jewel heist.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In The Swedes, Soren and Agneta come over from Interpol to help with the diamond heist. Agneta and him first appear cold and aloof to Rosa and Charles and will not eat their "disgusting street food." Soren and Agneta later go to the suspect's apartment and investigate it without Rosa and Jake much to their annoyance. Soren and Agneta attend a Swedish millionaire's party and arrange a meeting with a potential buyer, much to Jake and Rosa's annoyance. Later when Jake and Rosa solve the case, Soren and Agneta are not annoyed, instead happy that they have the opportunity to learn. Jake tells them to go die in a Fjord and Soren and Agneta try and explain that they enjoyed working with them. Jake and Rosa still dislike them.


Soren is shown to be very close to Agneta. He is shown to be hardworking as well as slightly dismissive and condescending at times. He is shown to be kind and helpful, even to a strange extent (such as having a Tupperware of his sperm ready for Agenta before she even asked him). Super hot.


Agneta Carlsson[]

Soren and Agneta are extremely close. They frequently hold hands and perform tasks for each other such as rescheduling dentists appointments and donating sperm without being asked. Soren and Agneta also frequently sauna together so that they have no secrets from one another, even their bodies they naked in a sauna all the time. Agneta also would want Soren to be there if she broke up with her husband, Lars so that Lars would have shoulder to cry on.

Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz[]

Soren and Agneta are very fond of Jake and Rosa, despite Jake and Rosa's evident dislike of the pair. Soren and Agneta often accidentally appear condescending and dismissive towards the pair which annoys them immensely. Despite this, Jake does trust them enough to go to them for advice, even though he eventually dismisses what they have to say.


  • He is allergic to lactose, gluten, tomato ketchup, and dust
  • Shaves his fingers to cut down on drag while cycling.
  • Donated his sperm to Agneta while she and her husband Lars were struggling to conceive.