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Sophia Perez is a defense attorney and an ex-girlfriend of Detective Jake Peralta.

Throughout The Series[]

Season Two[]

In Jake and Sophia, Jake and Sophia meet and don't reveal their careers. They have a good date and find that they have a lot in common, both being fans of Die Hard, both enjoying eating hot wings, and both enjoying ping-pong. Sophia also makes mentions of sci-fi tropes, such as evil robots and evil clones. They have 'sexy times' on their date and Jake is thrilled about meeting her. However, in their case, Sophia turns up as the defence attorney, trying to get his perp out of jail. Jake tries to get her removed from the case but fails. Sophia wins the case and Jake angrily declares that he never wants to see her again. Later, Jake asks her out and she says yes, provided they don't mention their jobs.

In The Road Trip, Jake invites Sophia with him when he and Amy Santiago are going to collect a perp. Jake messes up and invites Teddy Wells, without knowing that Amy was going to break up with him. Sophia agrees to help Amy get through the weekend but leaves when she finds out that Jake used to like Amy. Jake and Sophia later reconcile.

In Defense Rests, Sophia asks Jake to take a break from their relationship as it is affecting her job. Jake agrees but secretly decides to charm her boss, Geoffrey Hoytsman and restore the relationship. Jake catches Sophia's boss doing cocaine and arrests him. Sophia comes to defend Geoffrey whilst Jake tries to apologise. Sophia breaks up with him and leaves. Jake attempts to win her back but Sophia turns him down.

In Windbreaker City, Jake is shown to be very upset over the breakup and is distracted by his friends to help forget about her. Sophia is later seen when Jake returns some of her stuff.


Sophia is intelligent with a good sense of humour. She has a lot in common with Jake and the two get along very well. Sophia is also good with words, and according to Jake, she "smells really good." She is also career-focused, choosing her career over her relationship with Jake.


Jake Peralta[]

See Jake-Sophia Relationship Jake and Sophia get along well and have a lot in common. The two manage to start a relationship despite their conflicting careers. However, in Defense Rests, Sophia chooses her career over Jake and they break up.


  • Sophia and Jake both consider sleeping with someone from the other career as John McClane sleeping with Hans Gruber, a reference to the hero and villain respectively from Die Hard, Jake's favourite movie.