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Lieutenant Singh Knox is a cop who Charles Boyle has met at three funerals. She first appears in The Funeral.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In The Funeral, it is revealed that She and Boyle have met at two funerals before Seth Dozerman's. They made hard eye contact during Danny Boy. At the funeral before Dozerman's they made out in the parking lot. The rest of the precinct think that it's gross that Boyle doesn't know anything about her, and neither does she know anything about him. At Dozerman's funeral she books them a hotel where they can go to make out. While doing so, Boyle asks for some facts about her but is disgusted and leaves her after finding out she's a vegan, contrasting with his wide palette.


Charles Boyle[]

Charles and Lt. Singh have a romantic relationship although it is also a casual relationship as they know nothing about one another. Although Lt. Singh is happy with their mysterious relationship, Charles asks her a series of a questions. She reveals that she is a vegan and he leaves in disgust. It is unknown if they ever met again.


  • According to reports when Panjabi was cast, she was called Lt. Knox,[1] later reports suggested she was named Lt. Thakurta.[2]. Her correct name was first revealed in a TV guide article dated September 23, 2015.[3]
  • She was born in Delaware.
  • She is an only child.
  • She is a vegan who also eats gluten free.
  • She is from the 15th Precinct which is fictitious but would be located in Manhattan if real.