Shaw's Bar is a basement bar frequented by the squad of The 99th Precinct. The primary bartender at the Shaw's is Hank.


Season OneEdit

M.E. Time

  • Jake, Rosa and Charles head to Shaw's to celebrate Charles excellent work as the primary.

The Vulture

  • The detectives head to Shaw's to think of a revenge plan for the Vulture.(08:21) (11:07)

Old School

  • Jake has a wild night of drinking with Jimmy Brogan at Shaw's. (06:50) (8:21)


  • After the Thanksgiving dinner at Amy's is a disaster, the squad heads to Shaw's. Unfortunately they are kicked out before they can get anything to eat. (14:22)

The Bet

  • The squad heads to Shaw's to celebrate Charles earning a medal. Jake and Amy, on their forced date, stop by before being assigned to a stakeout elsewhere.

Tactical Village

  • The squad celebrates breaking the training course record at Shaw's.

Fancy Brudgom

  • At Shaw's, Charles hides a bowtie in Jake's drink when asking him to be his best man.


  • The squad heads to Shaw's to celebrate Jake solving the unsolvable case. (18:52)

Charges and Specs

  • After Jake leaves the Nine-Nine to go undercover, Terry, Charles, Rosa and Gina head to Shaw's for a drink. (19:13)

Season TwoEdit


The Jimmy Jab Games

Halloween II

The Mole

The Pontiac Bandit Returns

Beach House

Defense Rests

Captain Peralta

Season ThreeEdit

The Funeral

Halloween III

  • The episode ends with a Halloween party at the bar.

The Swedes

  • The episode ends with Jake and Rosa saying goodbye to Soren and Agneta at the bar, along with Charles and Captain Holt speaking to Kevin who is in Paris over a tablet device.

Season FourEdit

Captain Latvia

  • Every year, the 99 is beaten by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in a charity caroling competition. After the event this year, the squad goes to the bar to talk about being defeated by their rivals again and how to get back at them.

Season FiveEdit

Jake & Amy

  • It's the location for the afterparty, after Jake & Amy's wedding has ended. There is news about if Holt will be the next Police Commissioner.

Season SixEdit


  • The new season returns back to the very moment the previous season left off. The whole squad is there, waiting on Holt to reveal if he got the job of Police Commissioner or not.

Four Movements

  • Jake hosts Gina's going-away party at the bar. Mario Lopez shows up here but is denied entry.

A Tale of Two Bandits

  • After some firemen stake their claim over making the bar their new after-work hangout, most of the squad --Amy, Charles, Rosa, Hitchcock, Scully, and Holt-- have a drinking contest against those firefighters, to fight to keep Shaw's as a police bar.


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