Captain Seth Dozerman was appointed captain of the 99th Precinct in a span of two days. He unexpectedly died after served as captain for two days, and was replaced by Keith "The Vulture" Pembroke.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season ThreeEdit

In New Captain, After arriving at the Nine-Nine and giving his introduction, he passes out due to a genetic heart condition, meaning his aortic valve is 16% too narrow, which lowers his life expectancy from 103 to 64. He tells the squad that the fun Dozerman is gone and gives them all Dozer-pads to keep track of them. He gets annoyed when a group of detectives end up standing around Jake's desk and Jake pretends to be annoyed that they are all asking about his love life and in return sends out a Dozer-Blast to ban them from small talk. Jake thanks him and pretends to share his love of efficiency. Later, he catches Jake kissing Amy in the storage room. He tells them that this is why nobody gets work done and tells them that as long as he is there, they are finished. He then has a heart attack and dies.

In The Funeral, Dozerman's funeral is held. It is revealed by his wife that they had marital problems and she remains bitter that Jake caused his death.


Dozerman is obsessed with efficiency and requires the detectives of the Nine Nine to to keep to strict deadlines enforced by his Dozer-pad tablets. He is described as having a severely anal-retentive personality and being a borderline lunatic.


Jake PeraltaEdit

Captain Dozerman was Jake's boss. The two get along when Jake pretends to want efficiency and place "Chos (Chores) before Hoes" which Seth agrees with. Seth claims that he liked him instantly and inadvertently helps Jake keep his relationship a secret. Later, Seth is horrified to discover that Jake is kissing Amy which causes him to ban their relationship however the shock gives him a heart attack.

Margaret DozermanEdit

Margaret is Seth's widow. Margaret mentions that they had marital problems due to his fishing trips. Seth's friend Tom would hire prostitutes along which caused them to have years of therapy and counselling for. Seth's last words were for Margaret saying that he loved her work ethic.

Trivia Edit

  • Carried the gene for webbed feet.
  • His last words were "Tell my wife that I love her... work ethic."
  • His motto is "efficiency, efficiency, efficiency".
  • Prior to taking his role, the character’s actor, Bill Hader, once made fun of Samberg and the show at the Roast of James Franco.

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