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Sergio Mindar was a hitman & Drug dealer, and the nemesis of Det. Rosa Diaz.

Throughout the Series[]

In White Whale, while discussing her marriage, Amy notices Rosa had been busy working on a case board that had Sergio Mindar's photo on it. Rosa then revealed that the facial recognition system picked up Sergio at JFK the day before. As Jake was curious who's Sergio Mindar was, Amy and Rosa explained that he's a ruthless killer who'd built a meth empire. Seven years prior, Amy & Rosa were working on this case and they'd been tracking him for years. They finally succeeded on tracking and cornering him down in a warehouse, where every entrance was blocked. However, he mysteriously vanished. A year later, he sent a taunting postcard to Amy & Rosa, which made Rosa angry. Rosa revealed that she'd been haunted by Sergio's presence in her dream since then.


  • According to Amy, Rosa, and Eunice, he smells like an "English garden".