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Season Six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was confirmed by NBC on May 11, 2018.[1] It premiered on January 10, 2019 and concluded on May 16, 2019.

This marks the first season of the series that was broadcast entirely on NBC, as it was announced on May 10, 2018, that FOX had decided to cancel the series.[2] On September 7, 2018, NBC expanded the season running time from 13 episodes to 18.[3]


Main Cast[]

Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully

Guest Stars[]

Actors Character Episode(s)
Phil Reeves John Kelly Hitchcock & Scully,The Honeypot, Sicko and The Suicide Squad
Eugene Lee Yang Theo Lorql Four Movements
Mario Lopez Himself Four Movements
Craig Robinson Doug Judy A Tale of Two Bandits
Nicole Byer Trudy Judy A Tale of Two Bandits
Rob Riggle Rob Dulubnik A Tale of Two Bandits
Michael Mosley Franco McCoy The Crime Scene
Karan Soni Gordon Lundt The Honeypot
Briga Heelan Keri Brennan He Said, She Said
Lin-Manuel Miranda David Santiago The Golden Child
Bertila Damas Camila Santiago The Golden Child
Ike Barinholtz Gintars Irbe Gintars
Reggie Lee Dr. Ronald Yee Gintars
Antonio Raul Corbo Nikolaj Boyle Gintars
David Paymer Dr. William Tate The Therapist
Cameron Esposito Jocelyn The Therapist & Ticking Clocks
Julia Sweeney Pam Casecation
Marc Evan Jackson Kevin Cozner Casecation, The Bimbo & Cinco de Mayo
Sean Astin Sgt. Knox Ticking Clocks
Winston Story Bill Cinco de Mayo
Tim Meadows Caleb Sicko
Kyra Sedgwick Madeline Wuntch Sicko & The Suicide Squad
Dean Winters The Vulture Sicko & The Suicide Squad
Ken Marino Captain "C.J." Jason Stentley Sicko & The Suicide Squad


# Screenshot Title
1 Honeymoon - 12 Honeymoon
Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon. Captain Holt finds out whether he is the new commissioner of the NYPD.
2 Hitchcock & Scully ep - 1 Hitchcock & Scully
Jake and Charles investigate a case of Hitchcock and Scully from the 1980s. Meanwhile, Amy's uniformed officers and Terry's detectives fight over limited resources.
3 603 The Tattler-6 The Tattler
Jake and Gina attend their 20th high school reunion. Back at the Nine-Nine, Charles helps Rosa with her love life.
4 604 Four Movements-3 Four Movements
Gina spends time with each member of the squad.
5 605 A Tale of Two Bandits-2 A Tale of Two Bandits
Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit is stealing cars again, but Jake is convinced his friend wouldn't do that. The rest of the squad fight to keep Shaw's a police bar after some firemen stake their claim to it.
6 The Crime Scene The Crime Scene
Jake and Rosa must deal with a mother in mourning as they work and rework a crime scene in order to solve a difficult murder case with confusing evidence.
7 The Honeypot The Honeypot
Jake and Holt clash over the merits of a new hire in the 99th precinct. Terry, Amy, Rosa and Charles try to do something about the cluttered bullpen.
8 He Said She Said - 3 He Said, She Said
Jake and Amy investigate a difficult "he said, she said" case. Holt becomes suspicious after learning his lifelong arch nemesis died in a prison transport accident.
9 BrooklynNineNine6x09-TheGoldenChild The Golden Child
Jake helps Amy navigate the complicated relationship she has with her brother, David. Charles introduces some drama into an undercover mission involving Terry and Holt.
10 S06x10 Gintars 01 Gintars
A visitor from Latvia causes Charles and Jake to investigate Nikolaj's family. Holt and Amy bring in famed forensic scientist Dr. Yee to help close a case for Rosa.
11 The Therapist - S6E11 - 4 The Therapist
Charles brings Jake into a case when a therapist reports one of his patient's missing. Holt finds out Rosa has a new girlfriend that everyone else has met. Amy believes she has accidentally received a package meant for Terry.
12 Casecation-S6E12 - 2 Casecation
Work is so busy for Jake and Amy that they end up celebrating their anniversary while standing guard over a comatose patient in the hospital.
S6E13 The Bimbo - 3
The Bimbo
Holt and Jake investigate a case at Kevin's university. Back at the precinct, Terry and Amy take the squad out for lunch.
14 S6E14 Ticking Clocks - 4 Ticking Clocks
In an episode that takes place in real time, Jake and the squad must track down a hacker who has infiltrated the Nine-Nine's servers. Rosa deals with relationship issues. Hitchcock and Scully attempt to cook the perfect lasagna.
15 S6E15 Return of the King - 1 Return of the King
When Gina returns to the Nine-Nine, Jake and Terry get drawn into her life, Holt learns Charles’s son, Nikolaj, may be a genius. Rosa copes with an injury.
16 S06x16 Cinco de Mayo 01 Cinco de Mayo
In order to distract Terry from the stress of his upcoming lieutenant's exam, Jake, Holt and the squad decide to hold the annual Halloween Heist on a new date, Cinco de Mayo.
17 S06x17 Sicko 05 Sicko
Jake and Charles investigate a dangerous serial killer. Holt continues to spar with his rival, Commissioner Kelly. Terry finds out about whether or not he has passed the lieutenant's exam.
S06x18 The Suicide Squad 01
The Suicide Squad
Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, as Jake, Holt, Amy, Terry, Rosa and Charles must ally themselves with old enemies.


  • This season includes Jake and Amy adapting to life as newlyweds.
  • It has an episode dedicated to Hitchcock and Scully.[4]
  • Season Six was not supposed to end on a cliffhanger, just in case of another cancellation. Even though the show was confirmed to be back, it still ended up with a cliffhanger.
    • The show was confirmed to be coming back for Season Seven on February 27, 2019.[5]
  • Chelsea Peretti left show in the midst of the season, as did Gina.[6]
  • This season had a #MeToo episode.[7][8]
  • Since the show is now on NBC, there is now some blurred nudity and a couple of bleeps now. These are things FOX would not allow or could not do when the show was on their network.[12]
  • Joe Lo Truglio directed an episode while playing Charles Boyle.[13]
    • The cast does a precise-choreographed sequence of high-fives, including “the snake charmer,” a Pete Townsend guitar strum and a no-look, double-backhand fist explosion.
    • Ray Holt has devised “a special punishment” for Jake Peralta, the tardy squad member left out of the chorus line.
      • “It was absolute hell,” the proper Holt tells Peralta. “But it will be worse for you.” It is delicious torture for the high-five aficionado.
  • Melissa Fumero directs an episode titled Return of the King, where Gina Linetti returns in it.[14]


  • On February 11, 2019, it was revealed that Lin-Manuel Miranda had been cast as Amy Santiago's brother, David Santiago, in the show's March 7 episode, the 9th one, titled “The Golden Child.”[15][16]
  • On February 25, 2019, it was disclosed that Chelsea Peretti’s beloved character Gina would return later this season in an episode called “Return of the King.”[17]
  • On April 10, 2019, it was revealed that Sean Astin would play a sergeant in the NYPD Cyber Operations Unit who aids the Nine-Nine, in the show's April 25 episode titled "Ticking Clocks."[18]
  • On April 10, 2019, it was disclosed that Julia Sweeney would play a patient with twisted bowels who gets very involved in Jake and Amy’s personal lives.[19]





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