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Seamus Murphy is a gangster and the notorious head of the Murphy crime family, the most brutal crime family in New York City.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In The Big House Pt. 2, Seamus approaches Det. Amy Santiago at the public library, offering to give her information on Melanie Hawkins that could exonerate her boyfriend, Jake Peralta; and Rosa Diaz in exchange for a favor in the future, one day. In the end, when the Nine-Nine was unable to get anything on Hawkins on their own, Capt. Raymond Holt strikes the deal with Murphy himself to save Jake and Rosa Diaz, and stop Amy from taking the deal. Murphy told Holt that Hawkins is smuggling diamonds (tied to the robberies that Jake and Rosa were framed for) through pigs.

In 99, the team learns about Holt using the favor from Murphy.

In The Favor, Murphy calls in about his favor with Holt. He wants a permit for a block party to, as it later turns out, to have the road be blocked so that he could steal $20,000,000 in bearer bonds from an armored truck. The squad thwarts their plans, causing the truck to be empty. He believes Kyle must have talked to the police, and as revenge for messing with his family, he promises Holt to now mess with his.

In Safe House, Holt and his team work overtime to protect his husband Kevin Cozner from Murphy. Murphy escapes the Organized Crimes Unit's raids, and even manages to capture Holt and Jake, who were protecting Kevin at a safe house. Before he could hurt them, however, Kevin rescues them by driving through a wall, knocking out Murphy's henchman, and throat-punching Murphy himself. Following this, the FBI roll up on Murphy's entire organization, calling it one of the most significant RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) prosecutions they had ever done.