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The Santiago Drunkenness Scale is a recurring joke on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is a scale of the personality changes Amy goes through at various stages of drunkenness, and is notable because each stage is very distinct from the previous. It is first introduced in "Beach House".

Season 2 episode 12

Number of Drinks[]

  • One-Drink Amy: One-Drink Amy is "a little spacey", being a bit out of touch with what's happening around her.
  • Two-Drink Amy: Two-Drink Amy (a.k.a "Loud Amy") shouts everything she says. In one incident she startled Scully, causing him to send a snooker ball flying across the room at Shaw's.
  • Three-Drink Amy: Three-Drink Amy (a.k.a "Amy Dance Pants") dances constantly. However, she isn't able to warm herself up with her fiery moves at the beach house. Interestingly, Amy Dance Pants slurs her words, but Four-Drink Amy speaks normally.
  • Four-Drink Amy: Four-Drink Amy (a.k.a "Horny Amy") is "a little bit of a perv", often making comments and actions loaded with sexual innuendo. Rosa notes that Horny Amy should be retired for the #MeToo era. It is noted that Amy first sleeps with Jake at four drinks.
  • Five-Drink Amy: Five-Drink Amy is "weirdly confident". She has a confidence level that she never normally displays, and at one time challenged Terry to an arm wrestle, and on another occasion asked Holt for a raise and promotion.
  • Six-Drink Amy: Six-Drink Amy is "just sad", but Gina finds that Six-Drink Amy is also someone she can get along with, and so she is also called "Gina's Sasquatch". Six-Drink Amy is also when Amy may get sick if she drinks more.
  • Seven-Drink Amy: Seven-Drink Amy has not been mentioned.
  • Eight-Drink Amy: Eight-Drink Amy (a.k.a "Equestrian Amy"), rides horses. During a morning briefing before a police conference in Rochester, Jake tells everyone that at the last conference Amy had jumped a police horse into a pool, at which point Amy quipped "Eight-Drink Amy is an equestrian, and she is real bad at it".
  • Nine-Drink Amy: Nine-Drink Amy speaks French and thinks she is a genius. She has gotten this drunk twice, once during the competition with the FDNY over Shaw's Bar. She says to Captain Holt: "I got to Nine-Drink Amy, who speaks French, and then I hurl, I huuurl, huuuurled". It is not known how well she speaks French. The second time was trying to get O'Sullivan to admit that he was blackmailing Jake, and she says "Oh my God, is 9 drink Amy a genius?" It is implied that Nine-Drink Amy is the final position on the Santiago Drunkenness Scale.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

Beach House[]

  • Gina believes that six drink Amy will be the pinnacle of the Santiago Drunkenness scale.
  • Throughout the trip, Amy gradually goes from two drink Amy to six drink Amy, whilst Gina is counting how many drinks Amy has had.
  • Gina gives Amy another drink, which turns her into five drink Amy. However, four drink Amy still lingers around, and she slaps Gina's ass. Gina responds by calling four drink Amy a "sloppy sicko".
  • Gina is annoyed to find out that six drink Amy is just sad.
  • Later Gina admits that six drink Amy is her Sasquatch. Though after which six drink Amy throws up.

Season Three[]

New Captain[]

  • On their first official date, Jake orders four Kamikaze shots, to which Amy orders four for herself. At four drinks, Amy is hyper-sexual and later on the two sleep together for the first time.

Season Four[]


  • Jake and Amy reveal that eight drink Amy jumped a police horse into a pool at a party last year at a cop-con, revealing eight drink Amy is a bad equestrian.

Season Six[]

A Tale of Two Bandits[]

  • When Rosa is assessing everyone's progress in the drinking contest, Amy is in her Horny Amy persona, one that Rosa notes should probably retired.
  • Amy reveals to Holt that nine drink Amy only speaks French, before then throwing up.
  • When Holt arrives back at Shaw's Bar, Amy is back down to three drink Amy.

Season Eight[]

The Set Up[]

  • Amy mentions she's at nine drinks with Rosa.


  • Seven-drink Amy is the only rating that is not mentioned throughout the entire show.