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Sam Boyle is a step-cousin of Charles Boyle.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Skyfire Cycle, he greets Charles in the break room and it’s revealed that he already met Gina and he agrees with her that the vacation should be in Aruba instead of Iowa. After Gina and Charles' argument, he is conflicted on whether to stay with Charles or follow Gina.

He seems to lead the council since he told Gina and Charles about the council's plans and adjourned the meeting.

In Chasing Amy, Great Nana Boyle passed away and left Gina with the Boyle family's "mother dough," a jar of a 140-year-old sourdough starter. Since Tina Boyle is contesting the will, Sam ends up representing the council of Boyle cousins in regards to who gets custody of the family's mother sourdough that their great grandmother left for Gina. In the aftermath of discovering that the heirloom got burned, he banishes both Charles and Gina from the family.

After action was taken to banish Charles from the family and Charles is reminiscing about the time the cousins and him went to a farm, Sam and Tina Boyle return to the Precinct. It turns out that Gina called them back, so she can show the Boyle boys the new mother [sour]dough she started. Since she said all the Boyles can come by her apartment and take a little piece whenever they want, Sam asks for a key but Gina says no. Sam declared that Charles is back in the family anyways.

After Gina sticks up for her "brother," Charles mentions that she and him used to have sex. Tina and Sam both find that to be cool.

Season Eight[]

In Game of Boyles, he is one of the cousins present at Pappy Boyle's death. He is interrogated and is innocent of murder, but it is revealed that he tried to get Charles kicked out of the family for not being related by asking Jake & Terry to do a DNA test. He also stole the will, because he was mad about Charles doing the euology.