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Rosa Rosa Rosa is a song created by Doug Judy about Rosa Diaz. The song has been sung multiple times in the series. In The Cruise Doug Judy sings the song to a bunch of adults on a cruise. The song was used to look for a man who was trying to kill Judy.


These lyrics are from the episode The Cruise. These lyrics were sung when Judy Jake and Amy were trying to look for the hitman attempting to kill Judy.

Rosie, Rosa, Rosa
Rosa, Rosa
The girl I want, the girl I need
Right there on the floor
Is the man you're looking for
He's right in front of you
A little bit to the left
My left, my left, my left, my left
Come on this way
He's in the red shirt
No not the Asian dude
I'm talking about a bright red shirt
That's the man your looking for
That's the man you've been looking for
This is still a love song people
This is still a love song