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It is unknown how Rosa Diaz and Jocelyn Pryce met. In The Crime Scene it is revealed that Jocelyn is a practicing cosmetologist, and likes trying different hairstyles on Rosa. At first Rosa is hesitant to let people meet Jocelyn, even going as far as to hire an actor to play her when they meet up with Holt. However, Rosa soon breaks and lets Jocelyn meet Captain Holt.


Season Six[]

The Crime Scene[]

  • It is revealed that Jocelyn is a practicing cosmetologist, as Rosa shows up to work every day with a different hairstyle.
  • Rosa explains she is meeting Jocelyn’s parents soon.

The Therapist[]

  • Captain Holt asks Rosa to bring her girlfriend to dinner. However, Rosa is reluctant.
  • Holt finally meets Jocelyn in the break room. She pretends her name is Denise as a prank to the captain.
  • When Rosa walks in, she and Jocelyn share a quick kiss.
    • This marks the first LGBTQ kiss on screen in the show (Holt and Kevin don't kiss on screen until the Season 8 episode "Game of Boyles")

Ticking Clocks[]

  • Whilst Rosa is busy dealing with the "hacker" emergency with Jake, Jocelyn comes to the 99 to tell Rosa that she wants to break up, saying, "I love being with you, but how often am I actually with you?". Rosa also reveals that she met Jocelyn's college friends despite not liking them.

Season Seven[]

The Jimmy Jab Games II[]

  • Seeing how competitive Rosa was in The Jimmy Jab Games, Holt suspected that Rosa was going to use the one day paid vacation to propose to Jocelyn.
  • Rosa then revealed that Jocelyn had broken up with her. And the reason why she is so competitive is, so she can use the vacation day to mourn of her relationship while listening to death metal music in silence.
  • In the fourth game, after Holt apologized to Rosa, they both decided to step down from the competition. In the end, Holt accompanied Rosa to listening death metal music in silence. Holt hated it but didn't leave.