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Canonically, Rosa Diaz and Gina Linetti are friends, though many in the fandom ship the two together and gave them the ship name, Dianetti. This ship is not canon, although there are many moments that hint at Gina and Rosa having a very strong friendship.

Fans' interest in this ship saw itself increasing after the episode Game Night, when Rosa came out to the squad. At the end of this episode, Gina said, "You know, in another lifetime, you and I would have made a hot-ass couple," and Rosa replied, "Agreed."

Throughout the series[]

Season One[]

In Pilot, Charles comes to Gina for advice on an activity he wants to do with Rosa. However, Gina replies that Rosa "got a type" who is not him, suggesting that she knows Rosa's taste in men. Furthermore, Gina then states that Rosa is "into watching old movies", again demonstrating that she knows Rosa's interests.

In The Vulture, Gina says "There’s someone called The Vulture? Tell Rosa, she’d be into that".

In 48 Hours, Rosa and Gina argue over which pie is the best. This is the first episode, one of the few in the series, where Rosa and Gina have part of the plot focused on them together and where they really interact.

In Thanksgiving, during the cold open, Gina is seen holding a cup of coffee with Rosa's name on it.

In The Ebony Falcon, Rosa and Amy investigate a break in at Gina’s apartment. When they realise Gina is scared, they help make her feel as safe as possible.

In The Party, Rosa is told to look after Gina at Holt’s party. Rosa introduces Gina to a large group of psychologists.

In Unsolvable, it is revealed that Rosa and Gina share a "secret bathroom" named Babylon. Rosa discovered it first, and she led Gina to it when the latter "needed it" (due to being sick after a sewer rave, which shows that Rosa cares for Gina.) . Rosa was the one who came up with the idea of introducing Charles to the place in order to give him a place where he could talk to Vivian in peace. Gina was against this idea, however Rosa threatened to shred her wolf blanket, so Gina was convinced. Later in the episode, after Hitchcock and Scully discover Babylon because of Charles, Gina comes to Charles' desk in a huff, but Rosa arrives and calms her down by reminding her that she too needed that bathroom once upon a time, and that Charles' life is miserable at the moment. It is this last argument that seems to convince her. Then, the civilian administrator agrees to give up her chair and blanket to Hitchcock and Scully in exchange for a promise that they won't go into Babylon again.

Season Two[]

In Captain Peralta, Gina and Rosa team up against Terry and Amy solve a brain teaser in reward for Beyoncé tickets.

Season Three[]

In The Funeral, it seems that Rosa and Gina have spent the day together, as they appear side by side in most of their scenes. They both have a negative impression of Charles' new encounter.

In Greg and Larry, when Gina is informing the squad where Holt is she texts Rosa, even though Jake seems to be taking the lead.

Season Four[]

In Coral Palms Pt. 3, when Gina pulls a gun out of her pocket, while the whole team is taking a step back, Rosa stands still and simply asks "That's adorable, where did you get that".

In Mr. Santiago, they team up to save the life of a turkey that Charles wants to kill so the squad can eat it. After the turkey is released, it becomes visibly violent, and the squad is forced to flee the room. Rosa briefly places her hand on Gina's back to make sure she doesn't stay behind and get hurt.

In Moo Moo, Gina and Rosa end up looking after Cagney and Lacey while Terry is talking to Captain Holt.

In Crime & Punishment, Gina interrupts a moment between Rosa and Holt and then smiles, saying "But you guys are so cute. I love you."

Season Five[]

In HalloVeen, Rosa is the one that receives and reads Gina's wishes of happiness for the announcement of Jake and Amy's wedding.

In Game Night, After Rosa comes out as bi, Gina tells her that, in another lifetime, the two of them would’ve made a great couple.

In DFW, Gina sets Rosa up on a blind date. Rosa is initially very reluctant as the woman is nothing like her. However, the real date was the bartender who Rosa got on great with. She later admits that to Gina.

In Show Me Going, Rosa gets caught in an active shooter situation. Gina and Amy distract themselves by attempting to fix a toilet. When Rosa finally returns, it is Gina that comes to her, reminding her who she is ("Hey, Rosa, it's me, Gina Linetti"). Then, Gina brings Rosa to the toilet her and Amy were trying to fix, and they all hug, after Rosa tells Gina to join the hug.

In Safe House, Gina helps Rosa go undercover at a hair salon by telling a story about her friend.

Season Six[]

In Honeymoon, Rosa says that the place where Amy and Jake are going for their honeymoon is often mentioned by Gina, because the latter gets "referral rewards points". Gina then bounces off this remark to promote her promotional code. Later in that episode, Rosa brings Holt's manual to Terry, announcing that Gina had it. Terry is surprised, and asks why Gina didn't brought it to him directly, and Rosa answers that it is because Gina is a "rascal", which is the exact term Gina used to describe herself earlier in the episode.

Season Seven[]

In Valloweaster, Rosa is the one who wins the Halloween Heist. She says "What's up, losers ?" when the squad finds her. Whether it is intentional or not, it's reminiscent of the words Gina used when she won the Halloween Heist in Halloween IV, "'Sup, losers?"

Season Eight[]

In The Last Day Pt 1 and in The Last Day Pt 2, Rosa and Gina work together to win the heist.


  • This ship's name is Dianetti (a mix between Diaz and Linetti).
  • On AO3, the Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti tag is the third most tagged ship in term of relationships on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine tag.
  • In Four Movements, the episode where Gina leaves the Nine-Nine, Rosa one of the members of the squad whose 'Gina moment' we don't see. We do not know what Gina had in mind for her 'Gina moment' with Rosa.
  • Still in Four Movements, Rosa makes a toast for Gina's departure. The only word she says is "Bye". While it is very in character for Rosa to say that, many Dianetti fans linked that moment to the "Bye" that Rosa said in Stakeout about Marcus, Holt's nephew. The latter "Bye" had been interpreted by Gina herself as Rosa wanting to "bone" Marcus, so some people assumed that Rosa made a reference to that here, expressing her attraction to Gina this time.
  • The ship has been acknowledged multiple times by the actresses of both characters. Chelsea Peretti, Gina's actress, even posted a Dianetti script, that she created herself, on social media (she published two pages on Twitter, and the whole script on Instagram). Also, there was an exchange between Chelsea Peretti and a fan on Twitter where she openly says that Gina and Rosa are dating.
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