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In the Pilot episode, Jake refers to Holt as a "robot captain," who only follows the rules. This sentiment is alluded to throughout the series.

Season One[]


  • After hearing Jake call him a "robot captain", Holt makes him repeat the impression and then afterwards saying that it was a terrible robot voice. (4:16)

Operation: Broken Feather[]

  • Holt immediately starts his conversation with Jake and Amy about wanting to know more about their current case. Jake says, "Helpful hint to the scientist that program you, most humans say 'hello' at the beginning of a conversation." (4:42)
  • Before Jake makes another comment, Holt cuts him off by bidding him a goodbye. Jake notes that "it's learning" before being pulled away by Amy. (4:57)

The Party[]

  • Jake hypothesizes that Holt's house is just an empty white cube with a USB port where he can plug his finger in when he's on sleep mode (0:32)

Tactical Village[]

  • During the morning briefing, they talk about how tactical village is fun for the detectives. Jake says that Holt wouldn't understand since he isn't programmed to feel joy. Holt replies by saying his software is due for an 'exuberance' update. Jake then says the robot jokes isn't all that enjoyable anymore if Holt plays along. (1:34)

Season Two[]

Johnny and Dora[]

  • After announcing that Holt's leaving the 99 and starts to sound emotional, an upset Jake says, "go back to being robot captain." Holt briefly smiles and mimics Jake's "meep morp" from the Pilot episode. (19:49)

Season Five[]


  • When Jake questions who calls a truck a transport unit, Holt replies, "Everyone. That's what they're called." Jake then questions this and says that you would only say that if you're a robot, and says that Holt is the only robot he knows, before saying, "Meep morp. Zeep."