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Reggie Bludsoe is a member of the notorious Fulton Street Four. The four criminals stole $21 million from an armored car depot 25 years prior. The FBI caught them, but never recovered the money.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

The Chopper

After all four members of the Fulton Street Four are released from prison, be found the member Carl Mather dead. Jake suspects that one member is killing off the rest in order to keep the money for himself.

A day later, another murdered body belonging to the second Fulton Street Four member lionel murray is discovered. Jake, Charles and Captain Holt team up to track down the remaining two suspects, starting with Bludsoe.

At Bludsoe's apartment, they discover a half-packed suitcase and a handprint on a hidden compartment door. Bludsoe, beaten and bloodied, is found hiding behind said door. He claims that Mikey D, the other remaining suspect, ambushed him and stole a key. The key, together with three others, opens the safe where the $21 million is hidden.

The detectives fly upstate to investigate the address belonging to the last member Micheal D´angelo. There, they discover his murdered body. It becomes clear that Bludsoe was lying and is actually the murderer. Jake calls Officer Lou who is guarding the perp at the hospital, but Bludsoe is missing.

Remembering that Bludsoe previously mentioned that he bused tables at a coffee shop, the detectives search for him there and find him in the building's basement in the process of opening the safe. They arrest Bludsoe and retrieve the money.