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Rebecca Lubbock, also known by her fake name Ava Watson, is a woman whom Terry Jeffords meets at a silent disco with Rosa while they are out searching for drug activity as part of her "Giggle Pig" task force.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In The Mole, Terry first meets her while undercover as a bartender in a club. He instantly comes to respect her as she went to The Learning Grove, the same pre-school his daughters Cagney and Lacey are attending and that she doesn't drink or do drugs.

Later, as they disco wears on, Terry gets directed to her as a dealer of "giggle pig" and is taken into custody. While there, she backs up her claim that she doesn't drink or do drugs because she needs a clear head to deal with the mathematics of dealing drugs.

Terry later faxes The Learning Grove a picture of her and they identify her as Rebecca Lubbock. Terry then proceeds to look up her phone records to find a possible supplier.