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Ratko was a Serbian thug who worked as a butcher at Beneficio's Gourmet Market, before he was arrested for the murder of Henry Morgenthau. He was the first "perp" arrested by the 99th Precinct under Raymond Holt's command.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In the Pilot, luxury food importer Henry Morgenthau had visited the market to try to sell some hams. Ratko noted that the hams were worth a lot so he broke into Morgenthau's apartment to steal a ham but was surprised when he realized that Morgenthau was at home, leading to Ratko murdering him and stealing the ham.

Later, when Jake and Charles goes to question Ratko at the market, Ratko claimed to not know who Morgenthau was. But when Jake revealed his theory on the murder, Ratko attacked them by throwing food at them, which led to two of them engaging in a violent brawl before Ratko ran out of the store and got away from them.

While searching through old case files, Jake came across several references to a thug nicknamed "The Rat" and "The Butcher." The thug was said to hang out at a storage unit near Boerum Park. With this information, the squad staked out the storage units and as a team they were able to arrest Ratko.