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The NYPD Public Relations Office is one of the locations in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is located within One Police Plaza.

It is featured in the first, third, and fourth episodes of season 3 when Captain Holt was temporarily transferred from Captain of The 99th Precinct to the Head of Public Relations.


Season 2[]

The Chopper[]

Madeline Wuntch first mentions the office when she tells Captain Holt that she is transferring him from the 99 to become the Head of Public Relations. She uses the publicity from him solving a high-profile bank robbery case and recovering 22 million dollars as her excuse.

Johnny and Dora[]

Gina declares that she is leaving the 99 as well and following Holt to become his assistant at the PR office.

Season 3[]

Holt and Gina Arriving

Holt and Gina first arriving at the NYPD Public Relations Office.

New Captain[]

The first appearance of the Public Relations Office occurs when Holt and Gina arrive greeted by Wuntch. After a quick exchange of insults, Holt tells Wuntch that he survived being a homosexual police officer in the 80s and that her efforts will not break his spirit.

The Pigeon Mascot

Wuntch introduces the NYPD Pigeon Mascot.

Wuntch introduces him to his new colleagues, maintaining that he is not allowed to introduce any new initiatives until the current workload is finished, which involves naming the new NYPD pigeon mascot. Gina wonders how long this task could possibly take, but Wuntch laughs and reveals that this department has been working on finding a name for months, leaving Holt horrified.

PR Team

The Public Relations Staff

At Holt's first meeting, he learns that two of his new subordinates have narrowed the name of the new mascot to either "Petey" or "Paulie," and Wuntch asks Holt to choose. Holt refuses as this is an unimportant task, and the two have a brief standoff before Wuntch uses her position as his superiors to order him to name the pigeon, upon which Holt names the pigeon "Paulie" in defeat.

Later, Holt meets Wuntch in his office to ask for a truce as he knows he can turn this department around, but his talents are being wasted because of their feud. Wuntch then mockingly tells him she wants him to be able to spread his wings and tells him that part of his new job will be to wear the pigeon mascot costume.

Boyle's Hunch[]

Holt's Office

Holt, Amy, and Gina in Holt's new office.

At the office, Captain Holt meets with Amy and Gina to address the NYPD's image problem. His solution is to display posters showing some of the NYPD's best officers, the first series showcasing Amy. Gina protests this idea, saying, "Putting up a bunch of photos of smiling cops isn't going to change how people feel about us," but Amy and Holt ignore her concerns.

Later, Amy tells Holt that her posters have been vandalized. Holt suggests that he release a statement warning that vandals will be prosecuted, but Amy reveals that some of the graffiti had genuine complaints about police issues such as stop-and-frisk, racial profiling, and unlawful arrests. They realize Gina was right, and Gina enters the office with "Gina told you so" written on the back of her shirt.

Subway Campaign

New posters for the subway campaign

Holt and Amy later meet with Gina to apologize for dismissing her opinion on the campaign. Holt asks for Gina's opinion on his new subway campaign, which involves putting up posters asking the public to provide feedback directly to Holt's work email on how the NYPD can improve. Gina endorses this idea.

The Oolong Slayer[]

Jake and Gina at the PR Office

Jake and Gina at the PR Office

Gina approaches Holt, who is despondent in his office and tries to cheer him up before Wuntch enters. After their usual series of insults, Wuntch tells Holt she is here regarding the NYPD's new smuggling task force, and she wants Holt to come up with a new name to replace the phrase "task force," as research shows that the name is too aggressive. Since Holt faced initial setbacks in his subway campaign, Wuntch assigns Bob, his subordinate, to supervise him as an act to demean him.

Later, Jake arrives at the office to ask for help catching The Oolong Slayer, but Gina tells him to leave before Holt sees him, as Wuntch is looking for any excuse to punish and humiliate Holt. Jake pretends to agree to leave but hides in the bathroom so that he can meet with Holt privately. Holt confirms Jake's suspicion that the Oolong Slayer is back and offers to work on the case with him secretly. Gina then announces that she will work with them as well, revealing to their surprise that she is also in the men's bathroom.

After they catch The Oolong Slayer, Jake manages to get Captain Holt transferred back to the 99. The Public Relations Office is not seen again.

List of Named Employees[]


  • The real NYPD does not have a Public Relations Office/Department.
  • The transcript for the episode New Captain refers to it as the "Community Relations Office," despite the term "Community Relations" never being used in the show.
  • Amy is the only member of the detective squad to visit Captain Holt's PR office.
  • According to Gina, the acoustics in the bathroom are amazing.