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I never need a drink menu. I got the thrills for the pils. 'Cause I'm a pilsner man.

Teddy Wells "The Road Trip"

While Amy is dating Teddy, his love of pilsners is brought up several times throughout the series. It is eventually a large part of the reason why Amy breaks up with him. Pilsners are regarded as the most boring thing in the show.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]


  • Teddy offers to buy Jake a pilsner at Shaw's Bar, declaring that they have awesome pilsners.

Season Two[]


  • Amy mentions that Teddy brewed a Thanksgiving pilsner and it's bottling day for him.

The Road Trip[]

  • Amy mentions that Teddy did brew her a rose-infused pilsner once. She states it tasted like hand lotion and the bubbles didn't happen.
  • When Amy tells Jake that there's just no spark between her and Teddy anymore, she says all Teddy wants to do with his free time is make and bottle pilsners as one of the different interests they don't share.
  • Jake and Sophia have dinner with Amy and Teddy, where Teddy stated he never needs a drink menu because he "got the thrills for the pils. 'Cause I'm a pilsner man."
  • In the middle of Amy breaking up with Teddy, pilsners comes up as being one of the main reasons why.

Season Four[]

The Audit[]

  • Whilst Teddy is auditing Jake and Amy on a stakeout Jake trying to butter Teddy up due to him auditing the upcoming evaluation of the 99th Precinct claims he loves pilsners, despite knowing nothing about them.
  • Teddy catches on with Jakes lies about his love of pilsners, though says its ok as he no longer drinks them as he says Amy was right about calling pilsners boring making him boring, though soon after Jake and Amy discover Teddy is still extremely boring.


  • Pilsner is a type of pale lager. It takes its name from the city of Plzeň, Bohemia, Czech Republic where it was first produced in 1842.


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