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In the episode The Fugitive Pt. 2 Jake Peralta and Doug Judy team up to stop Judy's foster brother. At the beginning of the episode, Judy comes up with the idea for a theme song for him and Peralta. The two some sort of a song on the spot, which is verse 1. Verse 2 is in the middle of the episode when Captain Holt is convinced to let Judy remain on the case. Verse 3 is sung after Judy knock-out the man him, Peralta, and The Captain have been looking for.


Verse 1
The Pontiac Bandit and Jake the cop
Taking down crooks in the streets where they live
Flirting with girls who are hot for the badge
There's a talking police dog that helps them solve crime

Verse 2
The Pontiac Bandit and Jake are cops
With their wise-cracking Captain along for the ride
They'll have adventures wherever they go
The talking dog flies in outer space
Arf, arf, arf, fly, fly, fly, fly dog. Arf, arf, arf
Judy and Peralta:
Fly, fly, fly, fly dog

Verse 3
Doug Judy and Peralta and Captain on the case
Joke's on you, they was always friends
Now I'ma get my immunity
The ghost of the talking dog haunts the precinct