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Lieutenant Peanut Butter is an NYPD horse, and a known rival of Detective Charles Boyle, who considers the policehorse his arch-nemesis.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Bet, Sergeant Peanut Butter and Detective Charles Boyle are both awarded NYPD Medals of Valour at a special ceremony. Charles is angered by it, as not only did Peanut Butter receive his medal before Charles, but also as Charles received his for being shot in the line of duty, whereas Peanut Butter did 'basically nothing'.

Season Five[]

In The Venue, Charles states how he has become his nemesis when he goes missing. Rosa Diaz and Charles must rescue him. In the episode, then-Sergeant Terry Jeffords says his two eldest daughters love Peanut Butter, to criticism from Charles. Charles runs through a fire to save peanut butter but the press instead says peanut butter is the hero. Rosa ends up leaking dash cam footage revealing that it was Charles who saved peanut butter

Season Seven[]

In Lights Out, Amy reveals Peanut Butter is a Lieutenant now, and he helps Jake get back to the precinct[FN 1] in time for his son Mac to be born.


  • Terry Jeffords's eldest twin daughters, Cagney and Lacey are known to like Peanut Butter.
  • He was inspired by and is a tribute to Sergeant Reckless, a pack horse who carried supplies and ammunition in the Korean War.


  1. Jake rode Peanut Butter to the precinct.