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Dr. Oliver Cox is a lab assistant in the 99th Precinct.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Det. Dave Majors, he briefs Dave Majors, Amy and Jake on the lack of DNA found in a van they are investigating.

Season Three[]

In Boyle's Hunch, he analyzes the spoon used by Hitchcock and Scully to eat Rosa's ice cream.

Season Six[]

In He Said, She Said, he did the autopsy on the burnt corpse that is believed to be Ernest Zumowski's body. He has to keep reassuring his findings to Captain Holt, about there being a DNA match between hair on the head of the body and that of the Disco Strangler.

In Sicko, he analyses three murded bodys, saying that the murderer wasn't careful with the organs. 'They just sorta grabbed whatever and yanked.' Once they got to the heart, however, the incisions became very careful.

Season Eight[]

In The Last Day Pt 2, he exclaims in a flashback to Jake and Charles that he found another severed leg.