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Inside the precinct, bullpen

Rosa, Charles, Amy, and Hitchcock are all crouched behind as Jake controls the bomb robot

Amy: Careful!

Rosa: You only get one shot at this, Peralta.

Jake: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. I saw the first 15 minutes of The Hurt Locker.

Amy: Hurry! The stench is too much. We gotta get those shoes outta here.

Rosa: How much time do we have?

Jake: Scully ate his pot pie 30 minutes ago, so we probably got 10 minutes left on this nap. 12 if he's turkey tired. All right, come to papa. [Groans]It's trapped. Abort mission.

Charles: I have an idea...

[Suspenseful music] Jake helps Charles into a bomb squad safe suit, he successfully picks them up

Outside the squad is behind cement, safety away from Scully's shoes

Jake: Let's send these shoes to hell. Oh, wait.

Rosa: [Coughs]

Jake: Yeah, just smells worse than before.

Oh... Ugh!

Jake: Abort! ♪

99 intro

Amy walks in with Charles and Rosa

Amy: Whoa! Why are you here before me? Am I asleep? Is this a dream?

Jake: I am early because Jimmy Brogan is here today.

Rosa: Why do you care so much about some old reporter?

Jake: Some old reporter? Is the sky just some big blue hat that the world wears?

Rosa: No. And no one has ever thought that.

Jake: My point exactly. Jimmy Brogan wrote The Squad about badass New York cops in the '70s. It's the best book I've ever read, and I've read 15 books.

Amy: 50 books is not a lot. Wait... You said 15?

Jake: The Squad is what made me decide to become a Detective. And it was my first book report.


Young Jake:  "The detectives wiped the mobsters' blood off their boots and found the scag." Scag is heroin, and the book says it's so good, you can never stop doing it!

Teacher: See me after class, Jacob.


Jake: Fun side note... I late lost my virginity to Mrs. Stratton's daughter. It was... very fast.

Charles: Nice. (Holding coffee)

Captain Holts office

Holt: Mr. Brogan, these are detectives Santiago and Peralta.

Jake: Mr. Brogan, I am a huge fan of your book. Would you mind signing my copy?

Brogan: I'd love to. It's always nice to meet a fan.

Jake:'You can just make it out to "death wish." That's what everyone calls me, 'cause I'm always first through the door.

Amy: You go through doors normally, and everyone calls you pineapples.

Jake: My grandma calls me pineapples, and I regret telling you that. Those New York cops from the '70s you wrote about were my idols... I mean, Gaminsky, Cavanaugh, Quigg.

Brogan: Those guys were the real deal. I once saw Gaminsky choke a hippy to death with his own ponytail.

Amy: Illegal.

Jake: Love that.

Holt: Mr. Brogan is writing an article about how Brooklyn detectives have changed in the 35 years since The Squad. He'll be observing the two of you on your lnternet identity theft case. I hope Mr. Brogan's presence doesn't prove to be a distraction to you, Peralta.

Jake: Distracted? Me? No, sir. Evil would love that. But I'm not giving evil the satisfaction. Not today.

Brogan: Where's the can? I gotta unload.

Jake: "Unload." Great choice of words. It'd be an honor to show you, sir.

Briefing room

Terry: All right. Everyone's here. Today we're gonna work on our courtroom demeanor.

Rosa: Pass.

Terry: This seminar is not optional, Diaz. You're testifying in an aggravated assault case tomorrow. The D.A. is worried about how you present yourself on the stand.

Rosa: Why? I'm fine on the stand.


Rosa on the stand:  Look, I'll make this real simple so even these dum-dums can understand. Man did crime.

Another court hearing

Rosa: I'm sorry... can you make her stop doing that weird thing with her face?

Male Lawyer: Crying?

Another court hearing

Rosa: And when this is over, I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna break those little fingers.

Judge: [Taps gavel] Ms. Diaz. Please stop threatening the stenographer!


Terry: This is an important case. You need to do well.

Rosa: Fine. I'll take your dumbass seminar.

Charles: That's the spirit!

Amy's desk

Amy: Someone has placed tiny scanners inside ATMs to steal card numbers and pins which they sell on the lnternet. Oh, good God, why do you smell like an ashtray?

Jake: Oh, sorry, mom. It's the only way I can cope with the stress of the job.


Jake applying ash from the cigarette ash tray outside [Groaning] Pffft!

End of flashback

Amy: Anyway... We're running an algorithm to comb through the transactions looking for a pattern which will lead us to the perp's IP address.

Brogan: Got it. "Boring mumbo jumbo."

Jake: Well, you could think of the algorithm as a boot and the IP address as some poor slob's skull. [Smack] You know?

Brogan: We used to call guys who bragged about sitting around all day hair bags. [Chuckling] Except for Detective Finaldi. No, he had to sit around all day. A mafia thug pried both his kneecaps off with a crowbar.

Jake: [Whispers] Gah... so lucky.

Amy: This kind of data-driven police work has reduced crime by over 70%.

Brogan: I know hair bag work when I see it. Do me a favor... wake me when your shift is over.

Jake snaps his fingers: No way.

Amy waves her hand in front of Brogan

Jake: That is amazing!

Briefing room

Terry: All you need is for a jury to like you. If they like you, they'll trust you.

Rosa: Fine. How do I get these morons to like me?

Terry: Don't call them morons.

Terry: Good instinct!

Charles: Okay. Sit up straight, all right? Be aware of your hands, okay? And don't be afraid to smile. And if you need to buy time, you can always just say, "to be perfectly candid..."

Rosa:To be perfectly candid... I like that.

Terry: And always make good eye contact.

Charles: But don't stare at people.

Terry: Yeah. You gotta blink.

Charles: But don't blink too much.

Terry: Or too fast.

Charles: I think the bigger worry is slow blinks.

Terry: Don't blink too fast or too slow or too much or too little.

Rosa: I know how to blink.

Captain Holts office

Jake: Quick question, sir. You know how we've been trading favors back and forth and it's your turn to give me one?

Holt: None of that is true.

Jake: Yeah, I know. Please, can I jump onto a sweet mob-related homicide?

Holt: There are no sweet mob-related homicides on which to jump.

Jake: Boom! There's one at the seven-three. Maybe I should roll over there, help out. Brogan can tag along, maybe write some stuff down.

Holt:Why do you idolize that man and the time he wrote about?

Jake: Because the '70s were amazing. I mean, everyone had thick, juicy moustaches and all the clothes were orange and flammable.

Holt: The '70s were not a good time for the city or for the department... Corruption, brutality, sexism. Diaz and Santiago never would have made Detective, and an openly gay man like me... I never would have been given a command. There were very few black detectives. Did I ever tell you what my first day on the job was like?


Holt walks in the briefing room full of white detectives

[Background chatter]

Holt: Hello. I'm Raymond Holt.

White guy: Are you... here to turn yourself in?

End of flashback

Jake: Ah, yeah, that's really messed up. But the guys that Brogan wrote about... They were great detectives. I mean, they were legit.

Holt: Some of them were legit. Some of them were just Brogan's drinking buddies.

Jake: Sir, that is a brilliant idea.

Holt: It wasn't an idea. It was a scathing indictment of your personal hero.

Jake: Eh, six of one.


Amy, Jake, and Brogan are at a table

Jake: This is the best! Drinking with Jimmy Brogan. So tell me more about Quigg. Could he really light a matchstick on his face?

Brogan: One time during a drug bust, he had one of his fingers shot off. He didn't even flinch. He just picked it up and used it to flip off every puerto rican in the place.

Amy: And that's my cue. It's late.

Brogan: Are you kidding? The old guard drank till dawn, ate some coffee grounds, then started the whole day all over again.

Jake: Pfft! I eat coffee grounds.

Amy: Sure you do, pineapples.

Brogan: How about another round?

Jake: Are you kidding me? I wanna hang with you till one of us dies.

Brogan: Look, I'm tired of talking. Why don't you tell me some of your stories?

Jake: Great. 'Cause I got some stories that'll make Training Day look like Super Troopers. Eh, it's not... bartender. Two scotches.

Brogan: No, no, he meant two bottles.

Jake: What? I mean... yeah!

Bartender: here ya go

Jake: Aaaalll... right! [Laughs]

Precinct next morning

A struggling Perp: You'll never get me! You'll never get me!

Jake: We already got you, idiot.

Amy; Look who's here. How was your night of old-school drinking, hmm? Pretty hung over?

Jake: Shh! Turn off your mouth siren.

Amy: Here are the texts I got from you last night. "Best night ever." "Why scotch burn so good?" "Whaz his name in Serpico?" "Who's the friend of yours with the ping-pong?" And lastly, a picture of you on the subway platform eating Chinese chicken salad with no shirt on.

Jake: [Laughs] Well, last night was awesome. We had an epic night of bonding that I will never forget.


A drunk Jake with a lemon on his head

Jake: [Slurring] Do it! I believe in you.

Brogan throws the dart and it's impaled in Jakes right boob

Jake: Throw it! I believe in you.

End of Flashback

Jake: Man, I wonder if Brogan's okay. He's 65 and drank two bottles of scotch. He might be dead.

Amy; He looks fine to me.

Brogan: Morning, kid! Ooh! How ya doing?

Jake: Uh... hey... So good. I feel great. And I definitely don't think it's burning hot in here.

Brogan: Well, I'm around. Grab me if anything develops in your case. (Smacks Jakes back)

Jake: [Laughs/wheezes] You got it. That hurt so bad. Let me know when he's gone so I can slide onto the nice, cool floor.

Amy: He's gone.

Jake; Great. Mmm... Oh... my whole body has dry mouth.

Ladies restroom

Rosa: Why are we meeting in the ladies' room?

Terry: It's the perfect place for our second lesson... Courthouse wardrobe.

Rosa: What's wrong with the way I dress?

Charles: You know, some people might say that all the black leather kind of makes you looks like an evil villain. Not me. I think you look like a sexy motorcycle.

Terry: Boyle, pull it together.

Charles: Yeah.

Terry: We need to soften up your look. My wife and Charles's mom donated some clothes.

Rosa: Your wife and Boyle's mom are both blind?

Rosa walks out in a red blazer, white shirt, and squirt  

Rosa: I look like arsenio.

Charles: So it's... perfect?

Rosa walks out in a burgundy suit

Charles: That's actually my wedding suit.

Rosa: No.

Rosa walks out in a black dress with a cheetah chaisng an animal

Rosa: Yes.


Terry: No.

Rosa walks out in a navy suit and skirt and light blue shirt

Terry: That's great.

Charles: Perfect! You look beautiful... ly... Appropriate for court.

♪ A new sensation ♪

Jake resting on his desk.

Jake: [groaning] Ohh... Scully.

Scully: Hey, Jake.

Jake: You've been alive forever. How'd you used to cure hangovers?

Scully: Oh, I didn't drink. I was, however, extremely into cocaine for most of 1986.


Scully: I gotta tell you the truth, Hitchcock... Can I tell you the truth? You and me, man. We're gonna be co-captains. But first I'm taking you to Japan!

Hitchcock: I'm already packed!

End of flashback

Scully: I had three heart attacks that year and declared bankruptcy. Hitchcock turned out just fine.

Amy: My grandpa was an old-school cop. This was his hangover cure... Raw egg yolks.

Jake: Aaahhh!

Holt: You look like a corpse we just pulled out of the river.

Jake: Wrong. I look like a cool rock star who oded in his own pool. Big difference.

Holt:: I told you not to let Jimmy Brogan distract you from your work. So I assume you're not too hung over to do said work?

Jake: Pfft. Nope. It's like I never even drank.

Holt: And that's not a hangover cure.

Jake: What, that? Naw, it's just some... Protein for my guns. I drink one every morning before I lift. So... Gah! Ah ha ha! So good! You can barely even tell it's a chicken embryo.

Holt; You should drink it all. For your guns.

Jake: [Grunts]

Amy: Yeah.

Jake: [Gulping] Agh. Ah, it's just like... Fitness, right?

Amy: mhm


Jake: Oh, why did I do this?

Amy: According to your text, you were having "the beef light of my loaf."

Jake: What? No, no. Why did I use this algorithm? We're only tracking people who use the stolen cards. They might not be the same as the ones who stole them. Here, switch seats with me. Oh, wow. Your butt's really warm.

Amy: My butt's normal. Your butt's the weird one.

Jake: Don't be mad. It's nice. All right, so if we ignore all these fraudulent purchases and go back far enough... Here. Someone posted the stolen card numbers online from this IP address.

Amy: Not bad! You found the pattern.

Jake: All right, let's aspirin up and roll out! Ah... ohh! Ohh...


[Beep beep]

Jake: I'm glad you could be here for this.

[Beep beep]

Jake: Mike Halbrook. NYPD. Open up.

Brogan: Put your head through the door.

Jake: My head?

Mike jumps out lands on trash cans

Amy: We got a runner! Stop!

Jake: Hands in the air! Oh, wow.

Amy takes Mike down

Jake: Hoo! Yeah! Good job. I'm never drinking again. Hey. You know, I was gonna take him out myself, but ladies first, so...

Brogan: Relax, kid. Being too hung over to chase a perp? That's a classic old-school move. You know, you are one of the last few good cops fighting against the rising tide of hair bags.

Jake: That's what you're gonna say in your article?

Brogan: Ah, don't worry, you're gonna come out lookin' real good. Especially after our talk in the bar. Ah... So many good quotes! Especially about Holt. Cops are usually afraid to go after their captains like that, but you, sir, are old-school.

Jake: You know it.

Amy: Oh, pineapples... What did you do?

Court house:

Judge: Your witness counselor.

Make lawyer: Detective Diaz, it's always a pleasure to see you.

Charles: This is not good. The lawyer is that slimeball grundhaven... Rosa hates him!

Terry: She's dressed right. We coached her. She'll be okay.

Lawyer: Would you please state your name for the record?

Rosa: To be perfectly candid... My name is Detective Rosa Diaz.

Lawyer: Well, thank you for your candor regarding your own name. [Chuckles] Detective Diaz, would you please tell the court exactly how you're involved in this case?

Rosa: I caught Mr. Ladd physically beating his boss with a fax machine. Most of his cheek was caved in. His head was basically a blood fountain.

Lawyer: I'm sorry, is this amusing to you, Ms. Diaz?

Terry and Charles:  [Mouthing] Blinking.

Judge: are you alright detective?

[Police radio chatter]

Jake: Oh, no. Brogan just sent me the quotes he's gonna run. I slammed Holt like 50 times. Listen. "Holt would rather I wear a tie than solve a case. Holt cares more about catching clerical errors than catching bad guys. Holt is way too verticulis"? That's not even a word!

Amy: What were you thinking? We were just hanging out, being old-school. He wasn't supposed to quote me. I was off the record the whole time. Oh, no wait.


Jake: I'm goin' on the record. Jake Peralta... Can dance! Whoo! Whoo!

(Jake dances on the bar)

Jake: [Singsong] Jimmy Brogan!

End of flashback

Amy: You need to fix this, okay? Those quotes cannot run. It would be devastating for Holt. And the department.

Jake: I'll fix it. Brogan's a cool guy. We're friends now. I'll just talk to him, awesome dude to awesome dude. I should brush my teeth first, though, right?

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Yeah, that's terrible. Ugh!

Court house

Rosa: Great advice, dummies. I look like a psycho up there!

Charles: Yes. You have to pull it together.

Rosa: That's not helping!

Charles: That's what sarge says to me when I'm nervous. Rosa, I think you're nervous.

Rosa: Of course I'm nervous! What did you think was the problem?

Terry: We just assumed you were a terrifying human being with a short fuse.

Charles: But if the problem is that you're nervous, that's where Charles Boyle lives, baby. I can help! You just need to go to your happy place.

Rosa: What's that? Sounds stupid.

Charles: Oh, everyone's happy place is different. For me, I just imagine I'm slurping up the world's longest piece of linguini. It just keeps going and going. Every 20 feet of noodle, there's a sauce change. I'm in my happy place right now. Mmm... pesto. [Slurps] Mmm! Carbonara!

Rosa: Great! Now I'm starving!

Brooklyn Russian SPA FOR MEN

Jake: Hey, hey, Jimmy Brogan. Thanks for meeting me.

Brogan: Welcome to the Schvitz, kid. The most comfortable place on earth. It's like crawling back into your mother.

Jake: Is that something people wanna do?

Jake: What'd you wanna talk to me about? So I read those quotes you sent me, and you... Wrote them so good. The thing is... I know I hid it incredibly well, but I was pretty drunk when I said that stuff, so... Any chance you wouldn't print it?

Jake: Well, you said you were going on the record. I was clearly not in control.

Brogan: Well, maybe you should learn to handle your brown.

Jake: Eew. Look, you know that I think you're like the number one hero of the 20th century. But kinda feel like you're being unfair here.

Brogan: "Feel like"? Listen to her, Suzanne Somers over here. Talk like a man.

Jake: All right, I will talk like a man. You got me drunk and took advantage of me.

Brogan: Oh, come on.

Jake: Gah! Look, I'm asking you nicely... Please don't print the quotes.

Brogan: And I'm telling you nicely, I'm printing them.

Jake: No, you're not.

Brogan: What are you gonna do about it? [Chuckles]


Amy: Hey, how'd it go with Brogan?

Jake: Perfect. Except I punched him in the face and made everything a billion times worse.

Amy: What?


Jake punches Brogan making fall into the pool

End of flashback

Court room

Lawyer: Yeah. So, Detective Diaz, you saw my client struggling with his boss, but you don't know who initiated the fight.

Rosa: To be perfectly candid, I was pretty sure it was the defendant.

Lawyer: Oh, to be perfectly candid, "pretty sure" is not definitive.

Rosa: I think I know what happened.

Lawyer: Well, to be perfectly candid, no one cares what you think. Do you actually know anything, or are you just guessing?

Rosa: Your client instigated the fight. I'm certain. And I'm happy to tell you why.

Charles & Terry: [Silently] Yes!

Charles: She went to her happy place.

Terry: I know that, Boyle.

Captain Holts office

Holt: You punched Jimmy Brogan? What were you thinking?

Jake: I was thinking that I needed to protect this precinct. From things that I said about this precinct to a reporter while drunk and insisting he record me. I shouldn't have done it.

Holt: Unbelievable. Every time I think you might make a decent Detective, you go and pull something like this.

Jake: I thought I could handle my brown. Oh, I'm sorry. It's gross.

Holt: Go home! You got the rest of the day to put your head on straight.


Holt: Got Halbrook to cop to every charge. Nice work, Santiago.

Amy: Thank you, sir. Peralta figured out the pattern, though, so he should get credit for the collar. Have you seen him?

Holt: I sent him home. He assaulted Jimmy Brogan.

Amy: Yeah. But that caveman kinda had it coming, don't you think? Oh. He didn't tell you.

Holt: Tell me what?

Amy: Never mind. If Jake didn't tell you, he must have had a reason. It's not my place.

Holt: I'm disappointed in you, Santiago. I thought you and I were close.

Amy: I know you're manipulating me... But I love it, and I will tell you anything. So Jake went to the Schvitz to talk to Brogan.


Brogan: What are you gonna do about it? [Chuckles]

Jake: There's nothing I can do... Except to ask you nicely as a fan of you, your work, and the guys you wrote about... Please don't print the quotes.

Brogan: Sheesh. I didn't realize you were gonna get your panties all in a pretzel!

Jake: That's actually not technically possible. I'm not wearing underwear. It is swampy in here. My butt's like the everglades.

Brogan: Look, I know you're trying to be legit in a hair bag world, so I will not print your quotes.

Jake: Ah, thank you, thank you! That means the world to me. And for the record, I know that Holt is a stickler, but he's actually a really good cop.

Brogan: Don't worry about it. We're friends. You don't have to stick up for that homo.

Jake: I really wish you hadn't just said that.

Brogan: What, homo? Ooh!

Jake punches him

End of flashback

Holt: Thank you, Santiago. That'll be all.

Bullpen, Precinct

Rosa walks in

Charles: Here she is.

They clap

Terry:Diaz, you did it. They found him guilty on all charges.

Rosa: Huh. Boyle's advice worked.

Charles: [Shrill giggle] So... Where's your happy place?

Rosa: I'm in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Inside it's just me and that stupid, slimy defense attorney.

And I'm beating the hell out of him. I break a dining room table over his head. Then I rip off his arm and shove it where the sun don't shine. Then I reach down his throat and shake his hand.

Terry: Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and schedule you for a psych eval.

Rosa: I owe you one, Boyle. Thank-you dinner. Tomorrow night. Gribaldi's. It's all-you-can-eat linguini.

Charles: Yes!

Rosa: Oh, my boyfriend's coming too.

Charles: Your what friend now?

Jake walks in

Jake: All right. Let's hear it.

Amy: Well, it's even worse than I imagined. [Ahem] "The new face of the NYPD is perfectly embodied by Brooklyn's own Jake Peralta..."

Jake: That's not so bad.

Amy: "Who cowers behind his desk all day like the true hair bag that he is."

Jake: There it is.

Amy: "The old guard would have eaten a guy like Peralta for breakfast and unloaded him by lunch."

Jake: Well, it's very colorful. And hurtful.

Holt: You can ignore that garbage, Santiago. Jimmy Brogan wouldn't know a legit cop if he punched him in the face.

Jake: Well... Guess I'm done with this.

Amy: Not good enough.

Amy, Scully, Jake, Rosa, Hitchcock and Boyle are outside crouched behind a block of cement

Jake: Three, two, one... [Beep beep]

(The book explodes)

Jake: Welcome to the party, pal!

Amy: God, you love that movie.

Jake: It's Die Hard.