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For the episode, see NutriBoom.

NutriBoom is a "conical-tiered, multi-flow-through medical marketing entity", otherwise known as a pyramid scheme.

Season Five[]

In HalloVeen, Jake and Charles are convinced by Bill to sign up for a NutriBoom contract to get him to aid them in their annual Halloween heist.

In NutriBoom, Bill brings in Jake's and Charles' quarterly shipments, which results in Jake trying to cancel his contract. Failing at that, he aims to take NutriBoom down to save the money he needs for his honeymoon. Their financial records end up being clean but on following NutriBoom's celebrity star Jay Chandrasekhar, presumed dead wife of the company's founder, Debbie Stovelman, reveals herself to Jake and Charles. Jake realizes that instead of being murdered, she has been taken off the grid to deter an investigation by the Feds and offers Jake his money back, but he refuses and reports her. Ever since, NutriBoom employees, like Phil, are stalking and trying to intimidate Jake and Amy.


NutriBoom ships both amino acid reducer, as well as extra amino acid to create "the perfect balance". Their contract includes allowing the company to charge one's credit card quarterly for the next 85 years, which they write with white ink on white paper.

Once a customer wants to cancel their contract, they are mandated to pay 10,000$ for the shipment costs, the cancellation fee, the restocking fee, as well as something called a "coward's charge".

If the customer then declines to pay, as Jake intends, they would have to sign up to NutriCore, a "charity organization", where they are required to work off their debts under the teachings of founder "Docter" David Stovelman.

They also employ what they call a "complaint specialist", designed to intimidate the customers, such as Phil.

Its employees greet every customer with an overly friendly, obnoxious "How can I heal you today?".

They also sell products with the only ingredient listed as a "foreign substance".

They perform testicular torture on some members, at least on their celebrity star; Jay Chandrasekhar, as well as kidnapping their pets.


  1. NutriCruit
  2. NutriBoom Admiral
  3. NutriBoom Commodore


Bill Hummertrout (Commodore)

Debbie Stovelman (Leader)

Jay Chandrasekhar (Celebrity Spokesperson)

Phil (Complaints Specialist)

Angela (NutriBoom Costumer Services)

Peter (Security at NutriTower Life Base)

Todd (Accounting at NutriTower Life Base)


  • They don't allow Pilates, as they consider it pseudo-science.
  • Exterior shots of the NutriBoom Customer Services building are actually of the San Diego Police Department headquarters.
  • As NutriBoom never appears again after Season Five and Bill ends up relying only on the Halloween Heists for income by Season Eight, it is implied that the company and its founder Debbie Stovelman were taken down by the Federal authorities sometime in the interim between the last three seasons of the series.