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Many characters in the show, usually Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle, have participated in high fives without having to look or warn the other person that it is about to take place.

Season One[]

Sal's Pizza[]

  • While exchanging insults with Fire Marshall Boone, Jake and Charles share a no-look five after Jake says, "You're a fireman, you should know how to treat that burn." (02:15)
  • Jake and Charles share another no-look five after Jake says, "They should write a song about it called 'Welcome to the Bungle.'" (13:46)

The Party[]

  • Terry brings the detectives into the briefing room to instruct them on how to act at "adult parties." Jake jokes that those are usually referred to as orgies. He then states, "No-look five," and he and Charles share a high five without eye contact. (02:35)

Season Two[]

Chocolate Milk[]

  • While discussing Terry's plan to get a vasectomy, Terry says he doesn't need any more input from the squad. Rosa and Jake share a no-look five after Rosa says, "Neither does your wife, I guess." (00:41)

Jake and Sophia[]

  • Jake and Terry learn that the original defense attorney isn't going to be in court that day. After they make jabs about what a terrible job he has, they share a high five without making eye contact. (06:30)


  • When Holt announces that he is putting Jake in charge of the precinct, Jake exclaims "Jake in charge! No-look five. Whoo!" However, Captain Holt leaves him hanging. (01:40)

Windbreaker City[]

  • Jake and Charles share a no-look five after Agent Kendrick informs them what the training scenario is this year. (05:44)
  • Kendrick makes fun of Charles and Jake for their high five, but immediately engages in an unrehearsed no-look five with his colleague. (05:50)