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Nick Lingeman is Genevieve's ex-boyfriend. He is described by her as terrible artist by her and that he was always begging her for money.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In Boyle’s Hunch, Genevieve mentions that her ex-boyfriend Nick could have stolen the money. She says he was always begging her for money which is strange as he recently opened an art gallery. Jake and Charles go to investigate him at his exhibition. Jake and Charles speak to Nick and ask him about his paintings. Charles blows his cover when Nick shows them "Genevieve 416" which was created when him and Genevieve covered themselves in paint and made love for 24 hours. Charles asks him where he was on the day of the crime and Nick tells them to get out after seeing that they are cops. Dvora then tells them that Nick couldn't have done it as he is still in love with her. Later it is revealed that Nick, didn't do it, Dvora did.


Nick is shown to be quite pretentious and artistic. His work consist of him and another sexual partner having sex on canvas or strange abstract sculptures.


Genevieve Mirren-Carter[]

Nick and Genevieve are exes. Nick is still in love with Genevieve according to Dvora as he keeps boxes of her old stuff. Genevieve, on the other hand does not like Nick, saying he was a terrible artist and he was always begging her for money. Nick and Genevieve once made love for 24 hours whilst covered in paint on a canvas and created "Genevieve 416".


Dvora is Nick's assistant. She is in love with Nick and framed Genevieve for robbing her own art gallery. She is arrested after the date for the storage locker is revealed to be on the day that "Genevieve 416". Dvora is arrested by Jake.