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Do you know what happens when you refuse to punish cops for their mistakes, when police are treated as a separate class of citizen above the law? It breeds a lack of trust in the community, and that lack of trust means people won't help us with our investigations or testify or even call us when they're in danger. It makes them more scared of us than of criminals and gangsters. It makes them run when we approach, even though they've done nothing wrong. It makes the people see us as the enemy, which leads to more confrontation, more distrust. You wonder how Peralta can do his job when he's held accountable for his actions? I wonder how any of us can do our job if he's not.

Raymond Holt in "The Set Up"

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is the primary law enforcement and investigation agency within New York City and is the subject of the whole of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Known precincts[]


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