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This is a list of NYPD employees.

List of employees[]

  • Assistant Chiefs
  • Deputy Chiefs
    • Gerber (2013–)
    • Brandt (–2014, retired)
  • Deputy Inspectors
    • Flynt, Commanding Officer, 98th Precinct (2016–)
  • Captains
  • Lieutenants
  • Sergeants
    • Hank, Desk Sergeant, 99th Precinct
    • Boomer Maxwell, Special Unit (–2018)
  • Detectives
    • Michael Hitchcock, Detective 3rd Grade, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (1985–present)
    • Norm Scully, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (1985–present)
    • Jake Peralta, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2005–2013, promoted); Detective 1st Grade, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2013–2016, 2016–2021, retired)
    • Charles Boyle, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2005–2021, promoted); Detective 1st Grade, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2021–present)
    • Rosa Diaz, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2005-2016, 2016–2020, quite)
    • Daniels, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Sidney Brown, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Casey Cook, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Lohank, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2013–Present)
    • Kearns, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Adams, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Buttler, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Smyth, Detective, 99th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Smith, Detective, 18th Precinct (Detective Squad)
    • Brett Booth, Commander - Special Unit, 63rd Precinct (2018)
    • Dave Majors, Detective 1st Grade, 93rd Precinct (Detective Squad) (2015–)
    • Stevie Schillens, Detective, 124th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2005–2015); Detective, 98th Precinct (Detective Squad) (2015–2016, incarcerated)
  • Medical Examiners
    • Dr. Rossi, Medical Examiner, 99th Precinct (2013)
  • Officers
    • Stevie Schillens, Patrol Officer, 74th Precinct (2004–2005, promoted)
    • Arnie Miller, Patrol Officer 99th Precinct (2013)
    • Brian Jensen, Patrol Officer, 33rd Precinct (2014)
    • Deetmore, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2014)
    • Lou Vargas, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2015)
    • Mark Benson, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2017–Present)
    • Maldack, Patrol Officer, 116th Precinct (2017–)
    • Teri Haver, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2017)
    • Gary Jennings, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2018)
    • Dela Alvarado, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinctt (2018)
    • Debbie Fogle, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2020, incarcerated)
    • Howard Booth, Patrol Officer, 99th Precinct (2020, incarcerated)
  • Civilian Employees
    • Gina Linetti, Police Administrative Aide, 99th Precinct (2013–2019)
  • Janitors
    • Ronald, Janitor, 99th Precinct (2013-)
    • Dan, Janitor, 99th Precinct (2021-)

Senior Officers[]

Commissioner John Kelly[]

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Commissioner Madeline Wuntch[]

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Deputy Commissioner Podolski[]

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Deputy Commissioner Aggerton[]

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Chief Davis Garmin[]

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Captain Raymond Holt[]

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Captain McGintley[]

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Captain Seth Dozerman[]

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Captain Keith "The Vulture" Pembroke[]

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Captain Jason "C.J." Stentley[]

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Captain Julie Kim[]

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The 99th Precinct - 4th Floor Bullpen Employees[]

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Captain Terry Jeffords[]

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Chief Amy Santiago[]

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Detective Jacob Peralta (Formerly)[]

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Detective Rosa Diaz (Formerly)[]

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Detective Charles Boyle[]

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Detective Michael Hitchcock[]

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Detective Norm Scully[]

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Assistant Gina Linetti (formerly)[]

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Detective Daniels[]


Detective Daniels at morning briefing

In the pilot episode, Detective Daniels is described as being just as incompetent as Hitchcock and Scully. However, she is praised (alongside Hitchcock and Scully) for her ability to make coffee.

She can be seen at the detectives' morning briefing and when Terry begins introducing his squad to Holt.

She is named after one of Michael Schur's writing heroes: Greg Daniels

Detective Sidney Brown[]

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.12

Sidney Brown & Casey Cook's nameplates

The desk opposite Boyle has a name plate with Det. Sidney Brown written on it [1].

Detective Casey Cook[]

The desk opposite Diaz has a name plate with Det. Casey Cook written on it [1].

Weekend Crew[]

Detective Lohank[]

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Kerns with Boyle's desk gift in The Apartment

Detective Kearns[]

Kearns is Boyle's weekend deskmate. They have a good rapport and are known to leave each other presents at their shared desk.

Other Officers[]

Dr. Rossi[]

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Dr. Rossi is a medical examiner at the Nine-Nine. She and Jake had a brief relationship during M.E. Time.

Officer Deetmore[]

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Desk Sergeant Hank during The Jimmy Jab Games

Desk Sergeant Hank Sweikow[]

While competing in The Jimmy Jab Games, Rosa tries to have a conversation with Hank without being recognized. Unfortunately, she finds his use of the word "sweetheart" offensive, and her true identity is quickly revealed.

Officer Maldack[]

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"Butt-Face" Dave[]

David is a cop that works on a floor below the detectives at the 99th precinct. In the episode Beach House, it is mentioned that Dave has recently shaved off his facial hair, revealing a clean-shaven face that resembled a butt.

Captain Holt remarks that Dave is good at his job.


Officer Lou notices Bludsoe is missing

Officer Lou[]

During The Chopper, Lou is one of the officers in charge of guarding Reggie Bludsoe while he is being treated at the hospital. When Jake calls Lou to confirm that Bludsoe is still in custody, Lou informs him that Bludsoe is missing from his hospital bed.

Officer Gary

Officer Gary is a young, eager officer on the floor below the detectives. In NutriBoom, he keeps interrupting Amy Santiago as she makes her morning briefing. the squad says that he is an "Amy".

Officer Teri[]

In The Venue, Teri takes offence at a comment made by Terry Jeffords. To make it up to her, Terry plans a party with multiple food options. However, this party is thrown for Charles Boyle instead.

Other Precincts[]

Lieutenant Teddy Ramos (f. Wells)[]


Teddy in tactical gear.

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Teddy is in command of the bomb squad in the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit. He previously met Amy during a voluntary code training seminar and reconnects with the detective during Tactical Village. Amy and Teddy develop a relationship, but it eventually fizzles due to Teddy's obsession with pilsners.

Teddy appears to be a competent detective. He and his precinct complete the tactical training course in record time, though that record is immediately broken again by the Nine-Nine.

As of The Audit, Teddy has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. However, in the episode Jake & Amy, he is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He also happens to run the bomb squad.

He is extremely obsessed with Amy and cannot emotionally deal with the fact that Amy has grown sick of him. There is a running gag in the series where he inappropriately proposes to Amy; even so after she becomes married.

Detective Dave Majors[]


Majors working a case with Jake and Amy

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Detective Dave Majors is a member of the fictional 93rd Precinct. He is believed by Jake to be the best detective in the NYPD. Both Jake and Amy look up to him and jump at the chance to join him on a case.

Detective Stevie Schillens (incarcerated)

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Stevie Schillens was the former partner of then-patrol officer Jake Peralta. After making detective, he was assigned to Staten Island and later transferred to the 98th Precinct in Brooklyn. Later, Jake was forced to make an arrest on Schillens for altering evidence.

Detective Frank Dillman[]

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Detective Frank Dillman is a former detective of the NYPD and was fired due to him investigating corruption in the department. He was later transferred to the SFPD and was again fired.

Other Staff[]


Ronald is the night janitor at the 99th precinct. In 48 Hours it is mentioned that he steals hand sanitizer from employees' desks to drink while on the job. He was also mentioned in the Pontiac Bandit whilst Jake is doing 2,000 push-ups at Rosa's desk.

Marge Bronigan[]

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Bronigan, frequently referred to as "Mean Marge", is a janitor that is considered to be intimidating by the majority of the staff in the 99th Precinct. She has refused to clean up large messes and will also prevent other janitorial employees to do so too. She is upset when the detectives and such refer to her as "Mean Marge". However, all is forgiven when the employees unofficially name the Break Room after her.

Corey Park[]

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Corey Park, or "Savant" as he prefers to be called, is the IT Director of the 99th Precinct. He was hired after he hacked the precinct. Says Gina about the ironic incident, "They turned their greatest weakness into their greatest strength." Lieutenant Terry Jeffords, then a sergeant, was to look after Savant in case he attempted to hack the precinct once more.


Al is a janitor at the 99th precinct. He is only mentioned in Halloween III. It is revealed later in the episode that Amy was posing as "Janitor Al."


Tony is a janitor at the 99th precinct. In the episode Adrian Pimento, he is one of the two janitors who stands behind and to the right of Marge in every time they appear.


Matt is a janitor at the 99th precinct. In the episode Adrian Pimento, he is one of the two janitors who stands behind and to the left of Marge; in every time they appear together.