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Its aim is to reduce instances in which armed cops are needlessly interacting with civilians. It could save lives and restore trust with the community.

Amy Santiago describing the purpose of the program in The Set Up

The NYPD Office of Police Reform, or the "Police Reform Program," is the pilot program and unit headed up by Deputy Commissioner Raymond Holt with the assistance of Chief Amy Santiago to make structural reforms in the NYPD.

The concept for the program is first mentioned in the third episode of the eighth and final season of the show. It is only ever mentioned, not seen, as it is still in the development and proposal stage throughout the season. In the episode Renewal, the Commissioner officially approves it to be implemented citywide. The office is set to open the day after the series finale.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 8[]

Blue Flu[]

The idea for the program is first mentioned when Holt confronts the Head of the Police Union, Frank O’Sullivan, at his office after the uniformed officers at The 99th Precinct were caught having engineered a walkout by claiming illness in response to a faked anti-cop incident. O'Sullivan says that he will not cave to Holt's demands since their arrest numbers are down and the precinct's CompStat numbers are terrible.

Holt counters by showing that with fewer officers at their disposal and none of them trying to hit CompStat numbers, the precinct made fewer bad arrests, the number of complaints against officers went down 32%, the number of cases thrown out at arraignment for insufficient evidence went down 34%. And most importantly, they didn't make the community less safe, since rates of major and violent crime, what actually matters, stayed the same. Holt then tells O'Sullivan that "the Nine-Nine just became a case study for how a police force can work better with fewer police." Using this threat to lay off police officers, O'Sullivan backs down and gets the uniformed officers to give up their walkout.

Later, Holt shares with the detective squad that he wants to use what they learned to actually change the way the NYPD polices the streets.


In Holt's office he explains to Jake that Amy is giving a big presentation that week to get funding for the pilot program to reimagine how uniformed officers are deployed. Holt mentions that this will represent a significant reform for the NYPD.

Later, Terry tells Amy that there are several other groups presenting reform proposals to One Police Plaza, and only one will get funding. There is another officer, Austin Grant, who Amy says is hot in uniform and always gets what he wants who is proposing "Predictive Algorithmic Policing", which Amy says is just "high-tech racial profiling."

Jake and Amy argue over who to take care of Mac while Amy has to give the presentation and Jake wants to arrest a killer he's been chasing for a decade. Terry reminds Amy that if she misses the presentation it is the end of the pilot program, and the program is the best chance they have at police reform. Jake volunteers to take Mac as without Amy there is no presentation. Since Amy shows up looking a mess from trying to deal with Mac she has to rely on substance over style for the presentation. The presentation went well and Amy says they liked the thesis and she was very clear on the data. Terry then sprays water all over Austin's pants ruining his "style" so that their program has a better chance of getting the funding.

Amy wins the funding and is granted authorization to start the pilot program immediately.

The Set Up[]

O'Sullivan comes into the precinct to approach Amy as his "nemesis" and asks to reach a truce over the pilot program that he claims is intended to persecute the uniformed officers in his union. She replies that it is actually to reduce instances in which armed cops are needlessly interacting with civilians, ultimately saving lives and restoring trust in the community. He then informs her that he has a lot of power and he could wield it against her but that it's not a threat but to drop it "or else."

Jake suspects that O'Sullivan set him up so he could take down Amy's NYPD reform program but this was proven to be incorrect as O'Sullivan actually wanted to help Jake not get suspended after wrongfully arresting an innocent civilian.


Holt gets an email saying that the brass is having a closed-door meeting today about our reform proposal, but apparently, the union is gonna claim that they fudged their numbers. When he goes to login to check the CompStat numbers he finds they've been changed and suspects O'Sullivan of having hacked the system to try and kill the proposal. The squad are able to get O'Sullivan's laptop proving what he did and bring it to One Police Plaza.

The Commissioner approved the police reform program and will be implementing it citywide. Holt notes that there is no guarantee that it will work as there is a lot of resistance to change, but that it is their duty to try, because if they don't they will truly be lost.

Instead of retiring, Holt gets appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police Reform. Since he doesn't want work to consume his life and it is a big job, he asks for Amy to come along to help. Alongside this change of position, he gives her the promotion to Chief.

The Last Day Pt 1[]

Holt tells Terry that the new reform unit is going to be on the sixth floor of One Police Plaza where he interviewed for the position of Captain of the 99.


Do you know what happens when you refuse to punish cops for their mistakes? When police are treated as a separate class of citizen above the law? It breeds a lack of trust in the community, and that lack of trust means people won't help us with our investigations, or testify, or even call us when they're in danger! It makes them more scared of us than of criminals and gangsters! It makes them run when we approach, even though they've done nothing wrong! It makes the people see us as the enemy, which leads to more confrontation, more distrust! You wonder how Peralta can do his job when he's held accountable for his actions? I wonder how any of us can do our job if he's not.

Captain Holt to Frank O’Sullivan in The Set Up