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"Monster in the Closet" is the 6th episode of Season Four of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired on November 15, 2016 to 2.18 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

Pimento and Rosa decide to pick up where they left off and get married, so the whole squad preps a perfect wedding under Amy's careful direction. Pimento enlists Jake and Gina to hunt for his grandmother's ruby earrings for Rosa to wear in the ceremony, but the universe has other plans for them.


At Boyles’ apartment one night, his son Nikolaj is scared and wakes him up, having been frightened by seeing a “monster” in his closet. Boyle tries to reassure him by opening the closet, only to find Adrian Pimento inside

The next day at the 99, Boyle is in the briefing room with Pimento and the squad, and tells the others that Nikolaj is now scared to sleep thanks to Pimento. Terry asks what Pimento was even doing there, and he explains that he still had a key from when Boyle let him stay at his apartment the previous year, and stopped there to clean up before seeing Rosa. He also says he was captured and tortured in an Uzbek prison after being shot down in a Soviet propeller plane smuggling ammo to a rebel group before escaping back to the States. Holt welcomes him back and offers to help reinstate Pimento to the NYPD, and Rosa sees Adrian. After a brief shouting match, the two engage in very aggressively making out.

After 20 minutes of kissing and talking, Pimento and Rosa announce that they are picking up where they left off and having a wedding, the very next day. Amy points out the challenge of organizing such an event in 14 hours, but is thrilled when they say she can organize it. Pimento later asks Jake a favor: he needs to go to Neustadter, New York to pick up a pair of ruby earrings he pawned before going into hiding, as they belonged to his grandmother and were worn on her wedding day. Despite Jake’s hesitance as the city is a 6-hour drive, he agrees to drive so the wedding goes well. Pimento tries to get some jelly beans off Gina’s desk but she scares him off. Jake notices Pimento will listen to Gina, and convinces her to go along with them to keep Pimento in check.

At Shaw's Bar, Amy lays out her plan for the wedding tasks, and assigns the squad their roles: Boyle is on food (although his “erotic wedding menu” has to be changed from animal genitalia); Terry is on hair and makeup, having learned helping his girls; Scully and Hitchcock do the seating, as they’ve sitting all the time; and Holt will help decorate, but he decides on a balloon arch before Amy can react, Rosa is convinced by Amy to wait in the back office and drink Bellinis to “relax.”

In Neustadter, the three are in Jake’s car. Pimento is giddy (and hungry, not having eaten for three days), happy to marry Rosa. At the pawn shop, they find that it is burned down and boarded up after a fire. Pimento panics, and takes it as a sign from the universe not to marry Rosa, and calls for the wedding to be cancelled. Jake tries to calm Pimento by saying they can get new earrings or not have any, but Pimento believes it’s a sign and does not want to get married, and Gina sides with him by saying the marriage is cursed. To find a “sign” that the universe wants the wedding to happen, Jake looks up the pawn shop owner in the hope of asking them if someone bought the earrings before the store burned.

At the bar, Amy is running the wedding chores. Scully and Hitchcock are being perfectionists testing each chair, Boyle forgets to add sugar to the cake batter, and Holt’s balloon arch surprises Amy, but only convinces Holt to make it bigger with more balloons. Just then, Terry tells her that Rosa is drunk on Bellinis.

Jake, Gina and Adrian meet the pawn shop owner at her home but she says the earrings were destroyed in the fire, and then slams the door on them when Jake accidentally insults her. Jake considers it a dead end, but Pimento noticed the owner was wearing a necklace he also pawned there, and concluded she stole all the merchandise then burned the store. Jake wants to call the local police, but Pimento says they should kick down the door before Jake stops him. Gina then suggests they use the house’s patio lattice to get up, as the upstairs window is open. Pimento agrees while Jake protests, but soon has to follow Pimento onto the roof.

At the bar back room, Rosa is still drunk, and Charles offers to help sober her up, to Amy’s relief. Once Amy leaves, however, Rosa asks why he and Genevieve haven’t married, which throws him off, and he mentions she doesn’t want to marry due to a bad divorce, and soon he joins Rosa in drinking heavily.

Jake tells the others they need to leave and not steal/burn anything as Pimento finds an upstairs room full of merchandise, including a rainstick which Gina puts down noisily. Just then, the pawn shop owner comes in and calls for “Dino” to deal with them, as Pimento finds the earrings. Before Dino can attack them with a sword, Gina blocks the door and the three escape, breaking the patio roof in the process. In the car, Gina is thrilled at having robbed someone while Jake is still worried, but Pimento says “the universe is back on track” as they got the earrings (and Gina stole the rainstick).

Just as things are looking up, Jake’s car engine completely breaks down, stranding them in the middle of a wooded area, and Pimento again panics that the universe doesn’t want him to marry Rosa. Instead of calling for a tow truck, Gina calls her spiritual advisor, meaning there is less time to get back. Adrian’s panicking leads Jake to yell at them that there are no signs just as he sees a sign for an airport, where they can get a prop plane for Adrian to fly.

At the bar, Hitchcock and Scully are still setting up chairs while Holt shows off his giant balloon arch. Terry says that he doesn’t like the arch, Amy agrees but didn’t want to say anything due to Holt being her boss. As Holt passive-aggressively pops the arch one balloon at a time, Terry tells her about the others getting drunk, but goes to handle it. He gives Rosa an “18 shots of espresso” cup of coffee before mentioning how it helped him adjust to his daughters. But Rosa then upsets Terry by bringing up that she never talks to her father anymore after being “daddy’s little girl”, and that bonds inevitably disappear as they grow up, causing him to join them in being drunk and sad.

Jake and Gina ride in a small plane as Pimento pilots, only for him to reveal he doesn’t have a license and is self-taught using the internet.

At the bar, Amy goes through the final prep check for the wedding, even praising Scully and Hitchcock for their chair work, before noticing that Rosa is missing. She finds Rosa, Terry and Boyle drunk in the back room, with Holt joining them due to having lost his balloon arch. Amy orders them all outside the bar, and has Scully and Hitchcock spray them with fire extinguishers to sober them up.

Just then, Jake and Pimento arrive, and everyone goes inside except for Jake and Amy. The two talk about how Rosa got everyone drunk like she was trying to tank the wedding, while Jake notes how Pimento called off the wedding three times, and if he didn’t know any better he’d think they don’t want to get married. This gives the two the realization that Rosa and Adrian don’t want to get married. Later, after everyone is dressed for the wedding, the two decide they need to say something so that the bride and groom do not get an ugly divorce. Jake calls a break to the wedding and recruits Boyle to entertain the crowd with devil sticks, while he talks to Adrian (and Gina, who snuck up on them) that maybe the universe was not giving signs but himself, that he doesn’t want to get married. At the same time, Amy talks to Rosa about her getting herself and everyone else drunk, and Rosa agrees she may have been trying to sabotage her own wedding since something is off about it. Rosa and Adrian decide to talk to each other.

23 minutes later, stops Boyle, and stops Hitchcock from making an offensive joke, when rosa and Adrian arrive and announce the wedding is cancelled, as hey felt they were rushing things and have not spent much time together, so they will go on a date (and also keep the presents they got). Rosa also praises Amy for putting together the wedding in 14 hours, and tells everyone to party by getting the chairs out, but Scully and Hitchcock tells them not to.

The next night at the 99, Rosa thanks Holt at his office, but finds that he is working on another balloon arch, which she loves, and and he yells in excitement at being vindicated.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Jason Mantzoukas ... Adrian Pimento
Tara Karsian ... Mara Ciprioni
Antonio Raul Corbo ... Nikolaj Boyle
Joe W. Keyes ... Dino Ciprioni


  • From Season four episode The Night Shift to episode 9 The Overmining, the name tags on the squad's tables are not theirs but the night shift staff's. They are mostly named from the staff of Brooklyn 99 and they are the following:
    • Sgt. Colleen Larson (Sgt. Terry Jeffords) - Assistant Art Director
    • Det. Beth Rosenbaum (Det. Amy Santiago) - On-set Dresser
    • Det. Kory Goetzman (Det. Jake Peralta) - Assistant Property Master
    • Det. Amy Barnett (Det. Rosa Diaz) - Set Designer
    • Det. Alexis Jacks (empty seat in front of Rosa) - Costume Supervisor
    • Crystal Chavarria (Gina Linetti) - Art Department Coordinator
    • Det. Chris Merlin (Det. Michael Hitchcock)
    • Det. Otto Lundgren (Det. Norman Scully)