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Mlepclaynos, also known as Jerry Barfralatistan and Jerry Barkakanatsan, is a man whom detectives Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago encountered and bonded with twice when they were assigned door duty by their new C.O. Later into the series, he performs the processional song to their wedding ceremony.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In the Pilot, Mlepclaynos opened the door to Apartment 3C at the Ardmore Apartments in Roland Park, when Jake and Amy were investigating a murder. When shown a picture of the victim, Mlepclaynos takes the photo, thanking the detectives and closing his door before they can finish their questioning; not realizing the photo was part of the case, not a gift.

In Operation: Broken Feather, Mlepclaynos answered the door to a room at the Prentiss Hotel when Jake and Amy were investigating a string of hotel robberies. Both detectives were visibly happy to encounter him again, due to the circumstances of their first meeting. While questioning Mlepclaynos, Jake noticed strange music coming from inside the apartment and soon joined the potential witness in singing and dancing to a celebration song from his home country of "Leirkrakeegovnia" about when a dog loses its virginity, as follows:

Meil on lõbus / Me teeme asju mis on põnev / Oleme sõbrad kasu

The actual language of the song is Estonian and, when translated, the lyrics say:

We have fun / We do things that is exciting / We are friends benefit

The third line incorrectly uses the singular "põnev" instead of the plural "põnevad".

The last line 'Oleme sõbrad kasu' is an incorrect, direct translation of 'We are friends with benefits'.

Season Five[]

In Jake & Amy, Mlepclaynos was found on the subway by Hitchcock and Scully, and was hired as Jake and Amy's wedding band. He suspiciously did not remember either of the two encounters he had with the detectives. He then plays the violin (that he calls “guitar”) for the event.

Season Eight[]

In The Last Day Pt 2, Mlepclaynos, under the name "Jerry", visited The 99th Precinct and picked up a key to the cuff locking Jake Peralta to a fake hospital bed. Jake asked him to hand him the key and recognized him. Mlepclaynos claimed that he is Jerry and gave Jake a chicken in exchange for a key. Jake refused and gave him the chicken back for the key.


  • He mentions his name has a silent "clay" in it, spelling it as M-L-E-P-Clay-N-O-S. This may be a mispronunciation of the letter "k" - in which case his name would be spelled "Mlepknos", but is never referred to as such in the credits in episodes he appears in (see below). [1]
  • In the credits for Pilot, his name is spelled as "Mlepnos"; while in the credits for Operation: Broken Feather and Jake & Amy, his name is spelled as "Melipnos".
  • When approached by Jake at his wedding, he asked whether Jake has sold horse blood to him or if Jake would like to buy horse blood from him, adding to the mystery of this "Leirkrakeegovnian" man.[2]
  • He can play the violin well, although he refers to it as a guitar.[3]
  • At some point between 2013 and August 2017, he became involved in the arbitrage of horse blood as well as subway busking. He may have taken up a new identity during this time, as he appears defensive and insists he has never met Jake or Amy when they call him by his real name.