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Michael Augustine is a notorious identity thief. Jake and Amy team up on an undercover assignment to in order to arrest him in Johnny and Dora.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Johnny and Dora, Michael Augustine is mentioned as being Brooklyn's most prolific identity thief. He stole a computer from a government building containing over 100,000 social security numbers. He plans to hand off the laptop to a buyer from China. Jake and Amy, along with Rosa and Charles, are assigned to go undercover in order to catch Augustine making the handoff. When they tail Augustine to a restaurant, Jake and Amy are forced to pose as an newly engaged couple, Johnny and Dora in order to get a table near him and his girlfriend, Lexi. After dinner, the detectives follow Augustine to a park where he drops the laptop and drives away. Rosa and Charles follow Augustine so they can make the arrest without alerting the buyer to avoid the drop off.


Michael is shown to be cunning and sneaky as he had managed to outwit the police. He is also alert as he instantly notices when "Johnny and "Dora's" story isn't quite believable forcing them to correct it. He also has a more romantic side as he says he remembers what young love was like when he finds Jake and Amy kissing and he takes his girlfriend to dinner and appears to be loving with her (however this could just be a cover up for meeting the buyer).


  • It is implied that he is married as Rosa describes Lexi as his "side piece".